Kate + Charlie \\ Mystic, Connecticut Wedding Photography

Farish-Scott001 In July, Tim and I traveled up to the quaint coastal town of Mystic, Connecticut for Charlie + Kate’s wedding weekend. It was nothing short of a dream – so many amazing nooks + crannies to photograph along the water, a perfectly cool overcast day, and the radiant Kate lighting up our cameras! We were so blessed to have been able to document their love and know their life together will be adventurous + incredible!

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Farish-Scott207 Farish-Scott210 Farish-Scott230 Farish-Scott236 Farish-Scott263 Farish-Scott237 Farish-Scott239 Farish-Scott242 Farish-Scott247 Farish-Scott196 Farish-Scott254 Farish-Scott260 Farish-Scott272 Farish-Scott270 Farish-Scott287 Farish-Scott289 Farish-Scott290 Farish-Scott292 Farish-Scott297 Farish-Scott327 Farish-Scott336 Farish-Scott337 Farish-Scott361 Farish-Scott394 Farish-Scott397 Farish-Scott402 Farish-Scott439 Farish-Scott443 Farish-Scott455 Farish-Scott461 Farish-Scott469 Farish-Scott471 Farish-Scott484 Farish-Scott491 Farish-Scott493 Farish-Scott505 Farish-Scott507 Farish-Scott511 Farish-Scott517 Farish-Scott521 Farish-Scott525 Farish-Scott536 Farish-Scott566 Farish-Scott389 Farish-Scott364 Farish-Scott572 Farish-Scott376 Farish-Scott381 Farish-Scott564 Farish-Scott619 Farish-Scott621 Farish-Scott654 Farish-Scott655 Farish-Scott665 Farish-Scott667 Farish-Scott668 Farish-Scott680 Farish-Scott682 Farish-Scott691 Farish-Scott697 Farish-Scott715 Farish-Scott725 Farish-Scott728 Farish-Scott748 Farish-Scott768 Farish-Scott775 Farish-Scott792 Farish-Scott796 Farish-Scott814 Farish-Scott907 Farish-Scott912 Farish-Scott914 Farish-Scott916 Farish-Scott937 Farish-Scott927 Farish-Scott953 Farish-Scott946 Farish-Scott949

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