Janelle + Stephen \\ Brookmere Winery Wedding Photography

Smith-Cohn752 Brookmere Winery wedding Janelle + Stephen have such a playful, best-friend kind of love! I remember their inquiry said that Janelle was a country girl and Stephen a city boy, and that they’ve showed each other how to appreciate fine wine – but also how to drive a tractor! Their lovely wedding at Brookmere Winery was the perfect blending of elegant and rustic, surrounded by their family + best friends on a sunny day in August. Captured by Becka! Smith-Cohn146 Smith-Cohn300 Smith-Cohn002 Smith-Cohn003 Smith-Cohn040 Smith-Cohn074 Smith-Cohn005 Smith-Cohn027 Smith-Cohn096 Smith-Cohn112 Smith-Cohn117 Smith-Cohn125 Smith-Cohn127 Smith-Cohn149 Smith-Cohn154 Smith-Cohn209 Smith-Cohn207 Smith-Cohn235 Smith-Cohn239 Smith-Cohn273 Smith-Cohn260 Smith-Cohn325 Smith-Cohn371 Smith-Cohn374 Smith-Cohn375 Smith-Cohn404 Smith-Cohn420 Smith-Cohn436 Smith-Cohn442 Smith-Cohn446 Smith-Cohn447 Smith-Cohn458 Smith-Cohn492 Smith-Cohn499 Smith-Cohn507 Smith-Cohn305 Smith-Cohn311 Smith-Cohn533 Smith-Cohn317 Smith-Cohn316 Smith-Cohn323 Smith-Cohn310 Smith-Cohn560 Smith-Cohn562 Smith-Cohn564 Smith-Cohn566 Smith-Cohn577 Smith-Cohn575 Smith-Cohn585 Smith-Cohn586 Smith-Cohn589 Smith-Cohn588 Smith-Cohn598 Smith-Cohn600 Smith-Cohn605 Smith-Cohn622 Smith-Cohn623 Smith-Cohn630 Smith-Cohn636 Smith-Cohn639 Smith-Cohn646 Smith-Cohn658 Smith-Cohn697 Smith-Cohn770 Smith-Cohn774 Smith-Cohn753 Smith-Cohn754 Smith-Cohn761

Angela + Adam \\ North Country, NY Backyard Wedding

KeddySilver607 Angela Adam Tim and I have SO enjoyed getting to know Angela + Adam throughout the past year! Angela is one of the most thoughtful people you’ll ever meet (she even brought me a birthday present last October at their engagement session!) and her consideration for others was so incredibly evident throughout the weekend we spent on the border of Canada. Adam is an NYPD cop with a heart of gold who is Angela’s absolutely perfect counterpart. The speeches by their lovely family + friends showed how much of an impact they’ve had on the people around them, and we were so lucky to be the ones documenting their day! It was a warm golden day for their backyard celebration…here’s a little bit of their day through our lenses.

KeddySilver001 KeddySilver013 KeddySilver034 KeddySilver018 KeddySilver041 KeddySilver070 KeddySilver074 KeddySilver028 KeddySilver030 KeddySilver045 KeddySilver079 KeddySilver082 KeddySilver084 KeddySilver098 KeddySilver102 KeddySilver103 KeddySilver105 KeddySilver130 KeddySilver132 KeddySilver136 KeddySilver140 KeddySilver143 KeddySilver146 KeddySilver149 KeddySilver155 KeddySilver157 KeddySilver160 KeddySilver161 KeddySilver162 KeddySilver164 KeddySilver169 KeddySilver170 KeddySilver175 KeddySilver173 KeddySilver187 KeddySilver186 KeddySilver193 KeddySilver200 KeddySilver209 KeddySilver213 KeddySilver215 KeddySilver226 KeddySilver235 KeddySilver228 KeddySilver237 KeddySilver256 KeddySilver236 KeddySilver261 KeddySilver260 KeddySilver270

KeddySilver513 The groomsmen selfies down the aisle were hilarious…the crowd loved it! KeddySilver299 KeddySilver301 KeddySilver316 KeddySilver319 KeddySilver322 KeddySilver323 KeddySilver367 KeddySilver338 KeddySilver385 KeddySilver386 KeddySilver391 KeddySilver332 KeddySilver390 KeddySilver398 KeddySilver401 KeddySilver410 KeddySilver416 KeddySilver418 KeddySilver420 KeddySilver421 KeddySilver425 KeddySilver426 KeddySilver437 KeddySilver453 KeddySilver442 KeddySilver468 KeddySilver457 KeddySilver466 KeddySilver485 KeddySilver432 KeddySilver512 KeddySilver604 KeddySilver531 KeddySilver541 KeddySilver547 KeddySilver556 KeddySilver560 KeddySilver565 KeddySilver574 KeddySilver564 KeddySilver580 KeddySilver584 KeddySilver589 KeddySilver591 KeddySilver602 KeddySilver669 KeddySilver620 KeddySilver615 KeddySilver624 KeddySilver636 KeddySilver645 KeddySilver652 KeddySilver657 KeddySilver666 KeddySilver692 KeddySilver681 KeddySilver697 KeddySilver735 KeddySilver736 KeddySilver739 KeddySilver743 KeddySilver754 KeddySilver720 KeddySilver764 KeddySilver774 KeddySilver790 KeddySilver801 KeddySilver805 KeddySilver821 KeddySilver823 KeddySilver810 KeddySilver813 KeddySilver814


J + S \\ Iceland Wedding + Elopement Photography

If you follow along on instagram, you’ve seen lots of sneak peeks from our incredible trip to Iceland last week! We photographed an incredible wedding day-after session all over this stunning country and spend 5 days exploring truly one of the most amazing places we’ve ever been! We have SO MUCH to share from our trip, but wanted to share a little preview for now! Iceland-3 Iceland-10 Iceland-13 Iceland-18 Iceland-19 Iceland-23 Iceland-5

Iceland-50 Iceland-39 Iceland-48 Iceland-49

Laure-Elyse ObellianneSeptember 15, 2014 - 6:05 pm

Amazing ! So WOW !

Christy TylerSeptember 15, 2014 - 5:38 pm

I cannot WAIT to see more from this trip!!! ah! Now I must GO to Iceland!!!