Pappas-Chadwick_LFP540 copy Matt + Chrysten have such a glow about them when they’re together! There were so many sweet moments during their wedding day shot by Sarah, from the bridesmaids’ first time seeing Chrysten in her STUNNING gown, to wandering the streets for portraits, to the speeches at the reception that were full of laughter + tears. It was our honor to be a part of your day, you two!  Pappas-Chadwick_LFP003 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP011 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP020 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP021 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP075 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP080 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP083 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP087 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP088 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP095 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP096 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP103 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP100 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP106 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP107 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP111 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP120 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP130 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP141 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP143 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP155 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP151 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP163 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP179 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP185 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP210 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP214 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP218 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP223 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP260 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP272 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP273 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP289 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP299 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP304 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP305 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP315 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP317 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP321 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP379 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP384 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP393 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP443 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP445 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP497 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP519 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP545 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP547 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP557 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP570 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP573 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP579 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP621 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP634 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP666 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP667 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP677 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP682 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP707 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP713 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP740 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP742 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP748 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP759 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP754 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP772 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP836 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP841 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP851 Pappas-Chadwick_LFP852

GregOliviaLifestyle-61 Just over a year ago, we were photographing Greg + Olivia (our cinematography partners Willow Tree Films) wedding day, and here we are shooting their maternity photos! Crazy how fast time flies, and we couldn’t be more excited for these two and their babe on the way! We wanted to shoot a little lifestyle session for them documenting this awesome time in their lives, and had a perfect night on the lake capturing the sweet parents-to-be!  GregOliviaLifestyle-5 GregOliviaLifestyle-2 GregOliviaLifestyle-14 GregOliviaLifestyle-15 GregOliviaLifestyle-17 GregOliviaLifestyle-16 GregOliviaLifestyle-19 GregOliviaLifestyle-23 GregOliviaLifestyle-25 GregOliviaLifestyle-26 GregOliviaLifestyle-29 GregOliviaLifestyle-32 GregOliviaLifestyle-31 GregOliviaLifestyle-33 GregOliviaLifestyle-35 GregOliviaLifestyle-37 GregOliviaLifestyle-41 GregOliviaLifestyle-44 GregOliviaLifestyle-46 GregOliviaLifestyle-47 GregOliviaLifestyle-49 GregOliviaLifestyle-50 GregOliviaLifestyle-51 GregOliviaLifestyle-62 GregOliviaLifestyle-55

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unnamed-1 We’re so excited to have Kendall + Sebastien’s stylish urban wedding featured on Junebug Weddings! This site is such an inspiration and focuses rather than details, on amazing photography, so we’re incredibly honored to be included among other wonderful photography. See their feature HERE and their blog post HEREQuigley-LeToux272 Quigley-LeToux010 Quigley-LeToux233 Quigley-LeToux183 Quigley-LeToux332 Quigley-LeToux519 Quigley-LeToux637

Phuket Blog Header Happy Monday! Up today is part two of our Thailand trip! After three days in Bangkok, we hopped a Nok Air flight down to the islands. Phuket was absolutely lovely and we spent a week there exploring the island + the surrounding islands! After a bit of a fiasco with our airbnb house, we ended up staying at a beautiful villa right on the water (thank you, super-cheap Thailand prices!). This is the view of our beach + pool – although it wasn’t a swimming beach, it was so pretty to wake up to.  Thailand-415 Thailand-410 Thailand-408 As soon as we smelled the salt water, we all were craving Mexican food, and found an amazing little place that we hopped on mopeds and zipped over to!  Thailand-316 Thailand-351 Thailand-340 Thailand-323 Thailand-328 Thailand-344 Thailand-354 Thailand-353 Thailand-358 Thailand-368 Thailand-363 Thailand-378 Thailand-390 Thailand-403 We spent the next day finding our favorite beaches – Kata Beach was the winner! We loved the vibe and went back multiple times. Tim and Shane found some locals willing to rent them their surfboards out of the back of their pickup truck, and we had a super nice evening relaxing on the beach while the guys surfed.  Thailand-432 Thailand-420 Thailand-1236 Thailand-441 Thailand-469 Thailand-481 Thailand-484 Along the road to Kata Beach, there’s a gorgeous lookout point with a few cliffside restaurants that we hit after surfing! This was actually my favorite meal + restaurant of the entire trip – highly recommend the $4 pineapple fried rice:)Thailand-508 Thailand-505 Thailand-512 Thailand-520 Thailand-522 The next morning, we fueled up with a big breakfast + delicious macchiatos before meeting up with our boat captain for the day for an all day trip to Koh Pi Pi, Maya Bay + Monkey Bay.  Thailand-635 Thailand-523 As soon as we left the bay, there were massive 8-10 foot waves cresting over us and tossing the boat around. It was pretty much 2.5 of pure seasickness, but we survived and made it eventually to the STUNNING (although crowded) Maya Bay.
Thailand-532 Thailand-541 Thailand-542 Thailand-557 Thailand-567 Thailand-582 Thailand-588 Thailand-592 Thailand-598 Thailand-602 You can see how many people were on the beach in Maya Bay in the above photo! We had our boat captain take us over to a little abandoned beach nearby for some snorkeling / relaxing time and we LOVED this little spot. I was actually just so happy to be on solid ground that I think I kissed the beach, haha. I’m glad the guys brought the gopro so we could document this little spot, below!  Thailand-543 Thailand-1182 Thailand-1217 Thailand-1192 Thailand-612 Thailand-1233 Thankfully the waters calmed down for the remainder of the afternoon!  Thailand-1234 Thailand-1232 Thailand-1228 Thailand-1230 MONKEY BEACH! These guys were CRAZY. Also, they’re addicted to Coke and chug it like nobody’s business.  Thailand-618 Thailand-621 Thailand-626 The next day was our animal day! We researched pretty thoroughly and wanted to make sure the places we went treated the animals well and had good living arrangements, and we were super happy with our choices. On Phuket, the Kok Chang Safari was awesome! We weren’t sure if if would feel touristy (ok, a little) but it was actually SO FUN. The elephants were treated so well by their handlers + we loved sitting on the their heads to ride through the jungle! Such long, tickly hairs + funny ears!  Thailand-648 Thailand-654 Thailand-655 Thailand-661 Thailand-666 Thailand-684 Thailand-693 And then we headed to Tiger Kingdom Phuket for a dream come true afternooon….cuddling with baby tigers!! They were super active + playful + sassy!  Thailand-718 Thailand-722 Thailand-734 Thailand-742 Thailand-735 Thailand-753 Thailand-758 Thailand-765 Thailand-770 Thailand-777 Thailand-792 Thailand-811 Shane’s tiger gave a few warning snarls… Thailand-813 That night, we headed down to Sunset Point to try to catch another pink sunset, and it didn’t disappoint! This spot is crazy crowded with tourists, but still beautiful + worth seeing.  Thailand-831 Thailand-825 Thailand-842 Thailand-845 Thailand-848 Thailand-853 Thailand-855 Thailand-860 Thailand-865 Thailand-868 Thailand-870 Thailand-872 Thailand-873 Thailand-876 Thailand-880 Thailand-881 Thailand-889 We had so much fun scootering around Phuket and finding little lunch spots to return to every day (the white pizza cafe pictured below was our favorite beachside spot at Kata Beach!) Thailand-890 Thailand-891 Ok, so this is the most fun picture ever! We actually overlapped our trip with the awesome Julia + Dan, whose wedding we photographed last winter! We were so excited when we realized we would both be in Phuket for one night and had to meet up for dinner + drinks on a rooftop restaurant on Kata Noi beach! It was one of those fun moments where you look around and think whoa, wedding photography is pretty cool – that we’re sitting together around a table with two LFP couples-turned-friends who we never would have met if they hadn’t chosen us to photograph their wedding! We loved getting to catch up with Julia + Dan and were also joined by another couple from PA – talk about a small world!  Thailand-1239 Thailand-1226 Early the next morning, we headed to the ferry to catch a boat to Railay, our last stop of the trip + probably the most spectacular scenery of all! Part 3 coming soon!

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