Jen + Mike \\ Brooklyn Wedding + Engagement Photographers

We first met Jen + Mike when Jen was a bridesmaid in one of our awesome 2012 weddings, and Tim + I were so excited when she emailed us earlier this year for her own wedding! These two have been together for 10 years and been through so many big life moments together, including their recent move to Maryland. We met up in Brooklyn to capture their love of the city they lived in for many years, and starting at the adorable Milk + Roses cafe, we ended at the Brooklyn Bridge for dusk. These two are so incredibly easy together + have a natural rapport that shows on camera — we are SO incredibly excited to capture their wedding in Maryland this June! Enjoy a few frames from our time together in Brooklyn! <3  JenMikeEng_LFP102
JenMikeEng_LFP006 JenMikeEng_LFP008 JenMikeEng_LFP005 JenMikeEng_LFP017 JenMikeEng_LFP024 JenMikeEng_LFP022 JenMikeEng_LFP027 JenMikeEng_LFP031 JenMikeEng_LFP039 JenMikeEng_LFP041 JenMikeEng_LFP044 JenMikeEng_LFP050 JenMikeEng_LFP059 JenMikeEng_LFP054 JenMikeEng_LFP058 JenMikeEng_LFP060 JenMikeEng_LFP102 JenMikeEng_LFP063 JenMikeEng_LFP066 JenMikeEng_LFP067 JenMikeEng_LFP071 JenMikeEng_LFP072 JenMikeEng_LFP075 JenMikeEng_LFP078 JenMikeEng_LFP079 JenMikeEng_LFP082 JenMikeEng_LFP086 JenMikeEng_LFP087 JenMikeEng_LFP084 JenMikeEng_LFP098 JenMikeEng_LFP090 JenMikeEng_LFP088 JenMikeEng_LFP091 JenMikeEng_LFP092 JenMikeEng_LFP099

Bonnie + Paul \\ Colorful Terrain at Styers Wedding

Sometimes you just click with a person, or a couple, instantly and the fit of you working together feels so seamlessly natural. Bonnie + Paul have the best style and were so calm, full of joy and relaxed on their wedding day — pretty much a recipe for a successful day! I have loved following these two on instagram this year — Bonnie’s colorful, quirky + fun style was SO perfectly represented and I could see how “them” their wedding was! We always love shooting at Terrain, but we got some of the prettiest light we have ever been blessed to shoot in during their portraits! Enjoy a little peek into their fabulous wedding day! Bonsall-Puma361 Bonnie Paul Terrain at Styers wedding photos Lauren Fair Photography Bonsall-Puma382 Bonsall-Puma003 Bonsall-Puma002 Bonsall-Puma006 Bonsall-Puma007 Bonsall-Puma008 Bonsall-Puma013 Bonsall-Puma015 Bonsall-Puma017 Bonsall-Puma019 Bonsall-Puma020 Bonsall-Puma027 Bonsall-Puma030 Bonsall-Puma032 Bonsall-Puma043 Bonsall-Puma049 Bonsall-Puma053 Bonsall-Puma063 Bonsall-Puma064 Bonsall-Puma070 Bonsall-Puma072 Bonsall-Puma077 Bonsall-Puma088 Bonsall-Puma092 Bonsall-Puma094 Bonsall-Puma105 Bonsall-Puma114 Bonsall-Puma121 Bonsall-Puma122 Bonsall-Puma129 Bonsall-Puma132 Bonsall-Puma134 Bonsall-Puma136 Bonsall-Puma146 Bonsall-Puma149 Bonsall-Puma171 Bonsall-Puma172 Bonsall-Puma175 Bonsall-Puma194 Bonsall-Puma199 Bonsall-Puma201 Bonsall-Puma202 Bonsall-Puma228 Bonsall-Puma231 Bonsall-Puma235 Bonsall-Puma236 Bonsall-Puma241 Bonsall-Puma242 Bonsall-Puma245 Bonsall-Puma246 Bonsall-Puma248 Bonsall-Puma256 Bonsall-Puma257 Bonsall-Puma263 Bonsall-Puma273 Bonsall-Puma284 Bonsall-Puma294 Bonsall-Puma296 Bonsall-Puma298 Bonsall-Puma299 Bonsall-Puma302 Bonsall-Puma305 Bonsall-Puma309 Bonsall-Puma317 Bonsall-Puma320 Bonsall-Puma322 Bonsall-Puma332 Bonsall-Puma333 Bonsall-Puma339 Bonsall-Puma340 Bonsall-Puma342 Bonsall-Puma352 Bonsall-Puma354 Bonsall-Puma363 Bonsall-Puma371 Bonsall-Puma373 Bonsall-Puma381 Bonsall-Puma385 Bonsall-Puma396 Bonsall-Puma399 Bonsall-Puma405 Bonsall-Puma408 Bonsall-Puma410 Bonsall-Puma420 Bonsall-Puma421 Bonsall-Puma425 Bonsall-Puma428 Bonsall-Puma449 Bonsall-Puma452 Bonsall-Puma461 Bonsall-Puma463 Bonsall-Puma467 Bonsall-Puma476 Bonsall-Puma481 Bonsall-Puma482 Bonsall-Puma485 Bonsall-Puma495 Bonsall-Puma499 Bonsall-Puma511 Bonsall-Puma519 Bonsall-Puma525 Bonsall-Puma527 Bonsall-Puma529 Bonsall-Puma534 Bonsall-Puma655 Bonsall-Puma557 Bonsall-Puma629 Bonsall-Puma637 Bonsall-Puma639 Bonsall-Puma645 Bonsall-Puma652 Bonsall-Puma660


Theresa FureyDecember 12, 2014 - 7:00 pm

Fantastically captured Lauren and Tim! And WOW those colours.

Bonnie and Paul, you two look fabulous as always! What a beautiful day for you both to look back on for many years to come. Wishing you the happiest of marriages- endless years of laughter and love <3 T and the boys

Published \\ The Knot Magazine Spring 2015

We’re so honored to have Greg + Olivia’s (aka our pals Willow Tree Films’) mid-century meets rustic mint + gold wedding featured in print in the latest issue of The Knot Magazine! It’s always a little surreal to see our images in print, and it couldn’t be for a sweeter couple. Gorgeous florals + design by Belovely <3 Pick up an issue in stores now! Untitled-50 Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 11.53.39 AM Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 11.56.54 AM

Brianna + Justin \\ Beech Springs Farm Wedding Photography

Brianna Justin Lancaster Harrisburg Wedding photography We’re so excited to share Brianna + Justin’s wedding day with you! They were married on a perfectly blustery autumn day – one of those windy, cozy October days with just a tiny sprinkle of rain that just feels like the peak of fall. Not only was Brianna stunning in her vintage inspired gown, the florals + styling to die for, and the property gorgeous, the main thing that was evident to us was how seriously they take their love + faith. Before their super-sweet first look, even though Justin was dying to open his eyes and see his bride, they took a moment to pray together and ask God’s blessing over their wedding day + marriage. And once his eyes opened, the way Justin looked at Brianna was the sweetest thing to see. It was a beautiful celebration full of the most meaningful of moments + we were honored to have captured it! Photographed by Sarah <3 Wilbur-Stevenson014 Wilbur-Stevenson023 Wilbur-Stevenson017 Wilbur-Stevenson015 Wilbur-Stevenson041 Wilbur-Stevenson016 Wilbur-Stevenson018 Wilbur-Stevenson032 Wilbur-Stevenson044 Wilbur-Stevenson045 Wilbur-Stevenson059 Wilbur-Stevenson054 Wilbur-Stevenson062 Wilbur-Stevenson064 Wilbur-Stevenson069 Wilbur-Stevenson066 Wilbur-Stevenson075 Wilbur-Stevenson076 Wilbur-Stevenson080 Wilbur-Stevenson081 Wilbur-Stevenson091 Wilbur-Stevenson096 Wilbur-Stevenson097 Wilbur-Stevenson098 Wilbur-Stevenson112 Wilbur-Stevenson115 Wilbur-Stevenson116 Wilbur-Stevenson119 Wilbur-Stevenson125 Wilbur-Stevenson132 Wilbur-Stevenson134 Wilbur-Stevenson140 Wilbur-Stevenson142 Wilbur-Stevenson151 Wilbur-Stevenson154 Wilbur-Stevenson155 Wilbur-Stevenson157 Wilbur-Stevenson162 Wilbur-Stevenson164 Wilbur-Stevenson167 Wilbur-Stevenson168 Wilbur-Stevenson170 Wilbur-Stevenson172 Wilbur-Stevenson180 Wilbur-Stevenson189 Wilbur-Stevenson190 Wilbur-Stevenson191 Wilbur-Stevenson199 Wilbur-Stevenson206 Wilbur-Stevenson207 Wilbur-Stevenson209 Wilbur-Stevenson215 Wilbur-Stevenson217 Wilbur-Stevenson227 Wilbur-Stevenson229 Wilbur-Stevenson233 Wilbur-Stevenson245 Wilbur-Stevenson251 Wilbur-Stevenson255 Wilbur-Stevenson260 Wilbur-Stevenson262 Wilbur-Stevenson270 Wilbur-Stevenson271 Wilbur-Stevenson274 Wilbur-Stevenson280 Wilbur-Stevenson285 Wilbur-Stevenson289 Wilbur-Stevenson296 Wilbur-Stevenson303 Wilbur-Stevenson304 Wilbur-Stevenson319 Wilbur-Stevenson322 Wilbur-Stevenson329 Wilbur-Stevenson349 Wilbur-Stevenson350 Wilbur-Stevenson352 Wilbur-Stevenson358 Wilbur-Stevenson359 Wilbur-Stevenson363 Wilbur-Stevenson366 Wilbur-Stevenson371 Wilbur-Stevenson393 Wilbur-Stevenson396 Wilbur-Stevenson399 Wilbur-Stevenson403 Wilbur-Stevenson424 Wilbur-Stevenson428 Wilbur-Stevenson449 Wilbur-Stevenson453 Wilbur-Stevenson454 Wilbur-Stevenson457 Wilbur-Stevenson469 Wilbur-Stevenson475 Wilbur-Stevenson476 Wilbur-Stevenson480 Wilbur-Stevenson487 Wilbur-Stevenson494 Wilbur-Stevenson519 Wilbur-Stevenson542 Wilbur-Stevenson342 Wilbur-Stevenson547 Wilbur-Stevenson549 Wilbur-Stevenson552 Wilbur-Stevenson553 Wilbur-Stevenson332 Wilbur-Stevenson557 Wilbur-Stevenson561 Wilbur-Stevenson563 Wilbur-Stevenson569 Wilbur-Stevenson572 Wilbur-Stevenson575 Wilbur-Stevenson585 Wilbur-Stevenson591 Wilbur-Stevenson594 Wilbur-Stevenson596 Wilbur-Stevenson597 Wilbur-Stevenson600 Wilbur-Stevenson607 Wilbur-Stevenson610 Wilbur-Stevenson626 Wilbur-Stevenson629 Wilbur-Stevenson633 Wilbur-Stevenson635 Wilbur-Stevenson643 Wilbur-Stevenson647 Wilbur-Stevenson660 Wilbur-Stevenson662 Wilbur-Stevenson674 Wilbur-Stevenson675 Wilbur-Stevenson681 Wilbur-Stevenson682 Wilbur-Stevenson685 Wilbur-Stevenson686 Wilbur-Stevenson688 Wilbur-Stevenson693 Wilbur-Stevenson696 Wilbur-Stevenson700 Wilbur-Stevenson711 Wilbur-Stevenson723 Wilbur-Stevenson724 Wilbur-Stevenson740 Wilbur-Stevenson753 Wilbur-Stevenson747 Wilbur-Stevenson744 Wilbur-Stevenson761 Wilbur-Stevenson763 Wilbur-Stevenson779 Wilbur-Stevenson782 Wilbur-Stevenson793 Wilbur-Stevenson840 Wilbur-Stevenson846 Wilbur-Stevenson870 Wilbur-Stevenson872 Wilbur-Stevenson876 Wilbur-Stevenson888 Wilbur-Stevenson907 Wilbur-Stevenson919 Wilbur-Stevenson901

Debbie StevensonDecember 13, 2014 - 2:51 am

What a beautiful collection of wonderful memories. You captured the genuine love between Justin and Bri and a whole range of emotions going on that day. Loved looking at these pics!

Karen Gump HartmanDecember 11, 2014 - 11:52 pm

Absolutely beautiful! The pictures tell the story of one great love!

Kim Anderson-SipeDecember 10, 2014 - 8:49 pm

Loved, loved this!!!

Wildflowers by DesignDecember 10, 2014 - 7:10 pm

Beautiful!!!! You guys are oh so talented :)

A Love Affair Workshop Announcement!

Friends, we are SO excited to announce the date of this year’s workshop for photographers! It will be on April 2, 2015 held at our farm/ studio outside Philadelphia, with a fabulous styled shoot after a jam-packed day of learning, followed by a late dinner together to have more time for questions, digging in one-on-one and debriefing!

We’re so excited for this day of teaching and inspiration to take your business to the next level. We’ll be covering topics like booking your calendar solid, branding, finding and creating inspiration, having strong and consistent business practices, attracting your ideal client, defining your style, maintaining a thriving full-time photography business, how to capture genuine emotion, shooting creatively in all types of lighting situations, how to get published, and tons more!

A Love Affair The Workshop April 2 2015

Last year’s workshop was nothing short of amazing (to see a little snapshot of last year, click HERE or HERE!). It’s been so encouraging to see last year’s attendees growth in their businesses over the past year via our facebook group! To read more details about the workshop + sign up, click the image above or click HERE! We can’t wait to meet you!