J + S \\ Iceland Wedding + Elopement Photography

If you follow along on instagram, you’ve seen lots of sneak peeks from our incredible trip to Iceland last week! We photographed an incredible wedding day-after session all over this stunning country and spend 5 days exploring truly one of the most amazing places we’ve ever been! We have SO MUCH to share from our trip, but wanted to share a little preview for now! Iceland-3 Iceland-10 Iceland-13 Iceland-18 Iceland-19 Iceland-23 Iceland-5

Iceland-50 Iceland-39 Iceland-48 Iceland-49

Laure-Elyse ObellianneSeptember 15, 2014 - 6:05 pm

Amazing ! So WOW !

Christy TylerSeptember 15, 2014 - 5:38 pm

I cannot WAIT to see more from this trip!!! ah! Now I must GO to Iceland!!!

Carmel + Big Sur \\ personal + travel photos {California wedding Photographers}

In June we had the opportunity to shoot a beautiful wedding in Napa Valley and a gorgeous day-after session in Big Sur! We got to explore the little town of Carmel by the Sea and check out the redwood forests again in Big Sur (one of our favorite places ever!).  We were totally blown away by how quaint + charming Carmel is! We stayed for one night at a little b&b called Happy Landing Inn, where each room is named after an iconic Hollywood star (Betty White was our room!). The coast + shoreline there is so beautiful for sunset + surfing – and the houses all look like storybook cottages! We’ll definitely need to come back here as it was way too short of a time to spend, but here’s some of our snaps from our time there! CarmelCaliforniaJune2014003 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014004 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014007 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014023 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014029 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014030 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014038 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014045 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014046 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014049 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014052 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014054 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014056 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014058 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014060

We ate at Clint Eastwood’s ranch outside of town this night, which had a beautiful view of grazing sheep out to the ocean (there’s pictures on our instagrams, but we didn’t bring the real camera!) CarmelCaliforniaJune2014067 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014086 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014082 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014076 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014095 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014101 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014103 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014107 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014110 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014113 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014114 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014123 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014125 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014128

After our Big Sur shoot at Pfeiffer Beach! CarmelCaliforniaJune2014129 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014130 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014132 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014131 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014134 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014138

I mean, these houses!!!! CarmelCaliforniaJune2014140 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014146 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014148 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014149 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014152 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014154 CarmelCaliforniaJune2014163 AndrewJessBigSur-28 AndrewJessBigSur-51 AndrewJessBigSur-52 AndrewJessBigSur-54 AndrewJessBigSur-75 AndrewJessBigSur-87 AndrewJessBigSur-124 AndrewJessBigSur-184 AndrewJessBigSur-186 AndrewJessBigSur-198


Kate + Charlie \\ Mystic, Connecticut Wedding Photography

Farish-Scott001 In July, Tim and I traveled up to the quaint coastal town of Mystic, Connecticut for Charlie + Kate’s wedding weekend. It was nothing short of a dream – so many amazing nooks + crannies to photograph along the water, a perfectly cool overcast day, and the radiant Kate lighting up our cameras! We were so blessed to have been able to document their love and know their life together will be adventurous + incredible!

Farish-Scott004 Farish-Scott003 Farish-Scott012 Farish-Scott024 Farish-Scott019 Farish-Scott022 Farish-Scott025 Farish-Scott026 Farish-Scott051 Farish-Scott045 Farish-Scott055 Farish-Scott058 Farish-Scott061 Farish-Scott080 Farish-Scott086 Farish-Scott087 Farish-Scott063 Farish-Scott069 Farish-Scott092 Farish-Scott094 Farish-Scott096 Farish-Scott098 Farish-Scott128 Farish-Scott131 Farish-Scott140 Farish-Scott142 Farish-Scott143 Farish-Scott149 Farish-Scott159 Farish-Scott165 Farish-Scott164 Farish-Scott174 Farish-Scott170 Farish-Scott175 Farish-Scott178 Farish-Scott184 Farish-Scott185 Farish-Scott187 Farish-Scott194 Farish-Scott200 Farish-Scott204 Farish-Scott207 Farish-Scott209 Farish-Scott224 Farish-Scott220 Farish-Scott210 Farish-Scott230 Farish-Scott236 Farish-Scott263 Farish-Scott237 Farish-Scott239 Farish-Scott242 Farish-Scott247 Farish-Scott196 Farish-Scott254 Farish-Scott253 Farish-Scott260 Farish-Scott262 Farish-Scott272 Farish-Scott270 Farish-Scott278 Farish-Scott286 Farish-Scott287 Farish-Scott289 Farish-Scott290 Farish-Scott291 Farish-Scott292 Farish-Scott297 Farish-Scott299 Farish-Scott304 Farish-Scott307 Farish-Scott316 Farish-Scott327 Farish-Scott336 Farish-Scott335 Farish-Scott337 Farish-Scott340 Farish-Scott361 Farish-Scott394 Farish-Scott397 Farish-Scott402 Farish-Scott404 Farish-Scott439 Farish-Scott443 Farish-Scott455 Farish-Scott461 Farish-Scott469 Farish-Scott471 Farish-Scott484 Farish-Scott491 Farish-Scott494 Farish-Scott493 Farish-Scott505 Farish-Scott500 Farish-Scott507 Farish-Scott511 Farish-Scott517 Farish-Scott519 Farish-Scott521 Farish-Scott525 Farish-Scott539 Farish-Scott536 Farish-Scott545 Farish-Scott559 Farish-Scott566 Farish-Scott389 Farish-Scott364 Farish-Scott572 Farish-Scott376 Farish-Scott381 Farish-Scott564 Farish-Scott577 Farish-Scott584 Farish-Scott619 Farish-Scott621 Farish-Scott651 Farish-Scott654 Farish-Scott655 Farish-Scott665 Farish-Scott667 Farish-Scott668 Farish-Scott680 Farish-Scott673 Farish-Scott682 Farish-Scott687 Farish-Scott695 Farish-Scott691 Farish-Scott697 Farish-Scott709 Farish-Scott715 Farish-Scott725 Farish-Scott728 Farish-Scott748 Farish-Scott741 Farish-Scott761 Farish-Scott768 Farish-Scott771 Farish-Scott775 Farish-Scott786 Farish-Scott789 Farish-Scott792 Farish-Scott796 Farish-Scott814 Farish-Scott907 Farish-Scott912 Farish-Scott914 Farish-Scott916 Farish-Scott937 Farish-Scott927 Farish-Scott953 Farish-Scott946 Farish-Scott949

Jesse + Bobby \\ a stylish Longport, NJ beach lifestyle engagement


Jesse + Bobby chose to have their engagement photos taken at their family beach home in beautiful Longport, NJ. You guys, this house was basically my dream – it was all whitewashed planks inside! Wait til you see:)The real stars of the show are these two lovebirds, though — they are so beautiful, stylish and easy to photograph! Tim and I had the best time getting to know them before their October wedding (seeing as we “met” over Skype several months ago!). We’re even more excited for their wedding after photographing their connection for these portraits!

JesseBobby004 JesseBobby009 JesseBobby003 JesseBobby023 JesseBobby026 JesseBobby034 JesseBobby037 JesseBobby047 JesseBobby042 JesseBobby040 JesseBobby050 JesseBobby080 JesseBobby081 JesseBobby074 JesseBobby082 JesseBobby085 JesseBobby092 JesseBobby104 JesseBobby102 JesseBobby106 JesseBobby097 JesseBobby112 JesseBobby115 JesseBobby127 JesseBobby131 JesseBobby128

We made a quick stop to photograph them in Bobby’s grandpa’s ahhh-mazing yellow vintage Chrysler! JesseBobby135 JesseBobby137 JesseBobby141 JesseBobby148 JesseBobby149 JesseBobby156

…and headed back to the water for the most perfect golden sunset. JesseBobby160 JesseBobby165 JesseBobby167 JesseBobby168 JesseBobby170 JesseBobby171 JesseBobby175 JesseBobby187 JesseBobby201 JesseBobby203 JesseBobby206 JesseBobby207 JesseBobby214 JesseBobby230 JesseBobby208 JesseBobby237

TinaAugust 30, 2014 - 12:47 am

Love these so much!!!

Meredith SledgeAugust 29, 2014 - 5:42 pm

Too too good!

MargareAugust 29, 2014 - 5:39 pm

I love these! Thank you for helping to make Jesse and Bobby’s day even more special! Can’t wait! (MOM)

Katie + Ryan \\ Terrain at Styers summer wedding

Katie + Ryan had the sweetest, most laid-back day at the beautiful Terrain at Styers to celebrate their wedding. We loved how they really soaked in every moment of their day together, mingling with family + friends all day and dancing the night away at their reception. It was also so fun working with our faves Oleander Florals – Cynthia + Dave are responsible for the gorgeous ceremony space, florals + reception! We were so honored to be a part of their day – Katie + Ryan, thank you so much again for allowing us to document your love!

KatieRyanPechulis561 KatieRyanPechulis020 KatieRyanPechulis004 KatieRyanPechulis013 KatieRyanPechulis021 KatieRyanPechulis017 KatieRyanPechulis022 KatieRyanPechulis027 KatieRyanPechulis032 KatieRyanPechulis037 KatieRyanPechulis047 KatieRyanPechulis050 KatieRyanPechulis056 KatieRyanPechulis067 KatieRyanPechulis076 KatieRyanPechulis079 KatieRyanPechulis084 KatieRyanPechulis088 KatieRyanPechulis089 KatieRyanPechulis093 KatieRyanPechulis096 KatieRyanPechulis099 KatieRyanPechulis102 KatieRyanPechulis109 KatieRyanPechulis113 KatieRyanPechulis120 KatieRyanPechulis115 KatieRyanPechulis124 KatieRyanPechulis129 KatieRyanPechulis136 KatieRyanPechulis146 KatieRyanPechulis133 KatieRyanPechulis149 KatieRyanPechulis158 KatieRyanPechulis162 KatieRyanPechulis166 KatieRyanPechulis171 KatieRyanPechulis172 KatieRyanPechulis194 KatieRyanPechulis198 KatieRyanPechulis199 KatieRyanPechulis206 KatieRyanPechulis202 KatieRyanPechulis212 KatieRyanPechulis228 KatieRyanPechulis215 KatieRyanPechulis220 KatieRyanPechulis232 KatieRyanPechulis241 KatieRyanPechulis254 KatieRyanPechulis247 KatieRyanPechulis259 KatieRyanPechulis273 KatieRyanPechulis286 KatieRyanPechulis344 KatieRyanPechulis350 KatieRyanPechulis348 KatieRyanPechulis354 KatieRyanPechulis358 KatieRyanPechulis380 KatieRyanPechulis394 KatieRyanPechulis398 KatieRyanPechulis400 KatieRyanPechulis404 KatieRyanPechulis399 KatieRyanPechulis405 KatieRyanPechulis429 KatieRyanPechulis417 KatieRyanPechulis422 KatieRyanPechulis419 KatieRyanPechulis431 KatieRyanPechulis428 KatieRyanPechulis426 KatieRyanPechulis435 KatieRyanPechulis455 KatieRyanPechulis453 KatieRyanPechulis476 KatieRyanPechulis480 KatieRyanPechulis485 KatieRyanPechulis462 KatieRyanPechulis488 KatieRyanPechulis496 KatieRyanPechulis501 KatieRyanPechulis503 KatieRyanPechulis505 KatieRyanPechulis512 KatieRyanPechulis231 KatieRyanPechulis329 KatieRyanPechulis545 KatieRyanPechulis552 KatieRyanPechulis302 KatieRyanPechulis307 KatieRyanPechulis312 KatieRyanPechulis331 KatieRyanPechulis332 KatieRyanPechulis338 KatieRyanPechulis537 KatieRyanPechulis530 KatieRyanPechulis337 KatieRyanPechulis596 KatieRyanPechulis597 KatieRyanPechulis599 KatieRyanPechulis602 KatieRyanPechulis605 KatieRyanPechulis586 KatieRyanPechulis585 KatieRyanPechulis581 KatieRyanPechulis575 KatieRyanPechulis576 KatieRyanPechulis617 KatieRyanPechulis620 KatieRyanPechulis627 KatieRyanPechulis634 KatieRyanPechulis631 KatieRyanPechulis646 KatieRyanPechulis662 KatieRyanPechulis663 KatieRyanPechulis670 KatieRyanPechulis674 KatieRyanPechulis677 KatieRyanPechulis684 KatieRyanPechulis694 KatieRyanPechulis692 KatieRyanPechulis709 KatieRyanPechulis711 KatieRyanPechulis720 KatieRyanPechulis722 KatieRyanPechulis725 KatieRyanPechulis728 KatieRyanPechulis734 KatieRyanPechulis759 KatieRyanPechulis791 KatieRyanPechulis789 KatieRyanPechulis796 KatieRyanPechulis813 KatieRyanPechulis818 KatieRyanPechulis824 KatieRyanPechulis847

Melinda BargerySeptember 10, 2014 - 12:44 pm

I LOVE this wedding!! So, so beautiful. I clicked over on the blog because I was taken with the dress, and then there was so much more to see!! Absolutely gorgeous.

Erin O'BrienAugust 29, 2014 - 1:11 am

Most amazing wedding pictures ever!