Rachael + Mike \\ terrain at styers wedding photography

RachaelMikeCarlson776 copy I remember when I skyped with Rachael + Mike last year to plan their wedding celebration. Sometimes skype meetings are short, and sometimes – like with these two – we chatted over the interwebs for an hour about travel, adventure, them falling in love while in marching band together, and their epic elopement to Alaska last year. I felt like I had known them for years! Tim and I were so honored to capture their intimate 1 year-later-wedding day at the always beautiful Terrain at Styers. There may have been a little (okay, a LOT) of rain on their wedding day, but the skies magically held open with thunder and lightning overhead until the kiss – then the skies opened! Perfect timing. We even got a beautiful little golden hour moment later in the evening, and they finished off the night with a fun sparkler exit. We loved being a part of their day and know the future holds such good things for this creative, talented and incredibly sweet couple. RachaelMikeCarlson001 RachaelMikeCarlson006 RachaelMikeCarlson019 RachaelMikeCarlson021 RachaelMikeCarlson023 RachaelMikeCarlson026 RachaelMikeCarlson035 RachaelMikeCarlson038 RachaelMikeCarlson054 RachaelMikeCarlson061 RachaelMikeCarlson045 RachaelMikeCarlson043 RachaelMikeCarlson051 RachaelMikeCarlson056 RachaelMikeCarlson064 RachaelMikeCarlson072 RachaelMikeCarlson084 RachaelMikeCarlson096 RachaelMikeCarlson114 RachaelMikeCarlson122 RachaelMikeCarlson124 RachaelMikeCarlson134 RachaelMikeCarlson144 RachaelMikeCarlson148 RachaelMikeCarlson151 RachaelMikeCarlson125 RachaelMikeCarlson159 RachaelMikeCarlson202 RachaelMikeCarlson211 RachaelMikeCarlson210 RachaelMikeCarlson226 RachaelMikeCarlson212 RachaelMikeCarlson234 RachaelMikeCarlson193 RachaelMikeCarlson267 RachaelMikeCarlson278 RachaelMikeCarlson295 RachaelMikeCarlson306 RachaelMikeCarlson325 RachaelMikeCarlson344 RachaelMikeCarlson357 RachaelMikeCarlson364 RachaelMikeCarlson363 RachaelMikeCarlson383 RachaelMikeCarlson388 RachaelMikeCarlson401 RachaelMikeCarlson412 RachaelMikeCarlson418 RachaelMikeCarlson164 RachaelMikeCarlson173 RachaelMikeCarlson419 RachaelMikeCarlson422 RachaelMikeCarlson437 RachaelMikeCarlson445 RachaelMikeCarlson470 RachaelMikeCarlson473 RachaelMikeCarlson483 RachaelMikeCarlson520 RachaelMikeCarlson554 RachaelMikeCarlson560 RachaelMikeCarlson567 RachaelMikeCarlson593 RachaelMikeCarlson590 RachaelMikeCarlson611 RachaelMikeCarlson615 RachaelMikeCarlson610 RachaelMikeCarlson635 RachaelMikeCarlson641 RachaelMikeCarlson651 RachaelMikeCarlson642 RachaelMikeCarlson650 RachaelMikeCarlson711 RachaelMikeCarlson727 RachaelMikeCarlson737 RachaelMikeCarlson748 RachaelMikeCarlson759 RachaelMikeCarlson774 RachaelMikeCarlson779 RachaelMikeCarlson787 RachaelMikeCarlson790



vancouver wedding photographerOctober 31, 2014 - 7:47 am

great night shots! fun and inspiring! keep up the good work!

Tanya + JR \\ New York Summer Camp Wedding

Tanya + JR’s summer camp wedding was everything you remember loving about being a kid at overnight summer camp — just the grown-up version! Their family + friends stayed at the beautiful sprawling Camp Pontiac for a weekend of festivities + spending time with each other. The emotion + love they feel for each other was so incredibly evident throughout the day, and Tanya looked absolutely stunning in her Grace Loves Lace gown (gosh we love their dresses!). Enjoy a little peek into their day, shot by Sarah!

TanyaJR_LFP005 TanyaJR_LFP004 TanyaJR_LFP009 TanyaJR_LFP013 TanyaJR_LFP017 TanyaJR_LFP025 TanyaJR_LFP059 TanyaJR_LFP027 TanyaJR_LFP056 TanyaJR_LFP089 TanyaJR_LFP116 TanyaJR_LFP140 TanyaJR_LFP155 TanyaJR_LFP153 TanyaJR_LFP151 TanyaJR_LFP169 TanyaJR_LFP174 TanyaJR_LFP175 TanyaJR_LFP163 TanyaJR_LFP178 TanyaJR_LFP199 TanyaJR_LFP204 TanyaJR_LFP223 TanyaJR_LFP230 TanyaJR_LFP231 TanyaJR_LFP233 TanyaJR_LFP238 TanyaJR_LFP240 TanyaJR_LFP245 TanyaJR_LFP259 TanyaJR_LFP251 TanyaJR_LFP260 TanyaJR_LFP268 TanyaJR_LFP273 TanyaJR_LFP280 TanyaJR_LFP284 TanyaJR_LFP289 TanyaJR_LFP296 TanyaJR_LFP306 TanyaJR_LFP312 TanyaJR_LFP319 TanyaJR_LFP322 TanyaJR_LFP328 TanyaJR_LFP325 TanyaJR_LFP329 TanyaJR_LFP332 TanyaJR_LFP335 TanyaJR_LFP337 TanyaJR_LFP346 TanyaJR_LFP354 TanyaJR_LFP353 TanyaJR_LFP358 TanyaJR_LFP360 TanyaJR_LFP401 TanyaJR_LFP458 TanyaJR_LFP466 TanyaJR_LFP435 TanyaJR_LFP493 TanyaJR_LFP471 TanyaJR_LFP504 TanyaJR_LFP496 TanyaJR_LFP526 TanyaJR_LFP502 TanyaJR_LFP521 TanyaJR_LFP530 TanyaJR_LFP536 TanyaJR_LFP552 TanyaJR_LFP558 TanyaJR_LFP378 TanyaJR_LFP400 TanyaJR_LFP574 TanyaJR_LFP566 TanyaJR_LFP575 TanyaJR_LFP599 TanyaJR_LFP616 TanyaJR_LFP622 TanyaJR_LFP623 TanyaJR_LFP638 TanyaJR_LFP643 TanyaJR_LFP626 TanyaJR_LFP654 TanyaJR_LFP655 TanyaJR_LFP684 TanyaJR_LFP694 TanyaJR_LFP712 TanyaJR_LFP713 TanyaJR_LFP714 TanyaJR_LFP719 TanyaJR_LFP723 TanyaJR_LFP727 TanyaJR_LFP737 TanyaJR_LFP762 TanyaJR_LFP770 TanyaJR_LFP783 TanyaJR_LFP847 TanyaJR_LFP829 TanyaJR_LFP776 TanyaJR_LFP842 TanyaJR_LFP690 TanyaJR_LFP691

Tara LiebeckOctober 28, 2014 - 4:41 pm

Bravo! This is amazing!!

Published in Print \\ Whitney + Mike’s winter wonderland in Flower Magazine

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 5.35.07 PM Whitney + Mike’s Terrain wedding was truly stunning, with insanely amazing details like plaid pajamas, fresh greenery, black + white classic Christmas movies projected on the distressed wood walls, a blush wedding gown, cozy blankets around a s’mores fire, and hundreds of twinkle lights – not to mention the lighting of little white candles as Silent Night played as Whitney walked down the aisle. Every detail was incredible, and we were so honored to capture their day! We’re so excited that Flower Magazine and also Celebrate Magazine have both picked up their wedding for a print feature! It’s a beautiful 8 page spread on newsstands everywhere now – pick up a copy to see all the goodness!:)If you haven’t seen their blog post with tons more photos, click here! Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 5.35.00 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 5.35.23 PM

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 5.35.49 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 5.36.14 PM

Andrea + Peter \\ Cairnwood Estate Romantic Summer Wedding Photography

Derr-Anthony001 I am SO excited to share Andrea + Peter’s stunningly beautiful day with you today! These two have the sweetest love story and their day looked like a complete fairy tale – so fitting! Cairnwood has got to be one of the prettiest venues in the area, and it has a special place in my heart since Cairnwood was where I shot my very first wedding ever:)We’ve gotten to know Andrea over the past year and there could not be a sweeter, more encouraging, kind-hearted woman to marry the wonderful Peter.  This wedding was such a labor of love with all our favorite wedding pros with Becka shooting – Belovely was responsible for the gorgeous florals, signs and decor, and wait til you see the beautiful lounge pieces from Maggpie Vintage Rentals! Andrea + Peter, thank you so much for choosing us to document your love story! xoxo Derr-Anthony008 Derr-Anthony096 Derr-Anthony012 Derr-Anthony066 Derr-Anthony019 Derr-Anthony021 Derr-Anthony044 Derr-Anthony042 Derr-Anthony074 Derr-Anthony049 Derr-Anthony061 Derr-Anthony007 Derr-Anthony006 Derr-Anthony047 Derr-Anthony090 Derr-Anthony095 Derr-Anthony098 Derr-Anthony015 Derr-Anthony113 Derr-Anthony116 Derr-Anthony112 Derr-Anthony118 Derr-Anthony119 Derr-Anthony121 Derr-Anthony143 Derr-Anthony140 Derr-Anthony144 Derr-Anthony146 Derr-Anthony155 Derr-Anthony166 Derr-Anthony167 Derr-Anthony192 Derr-Anthony195 Derr-Anthony203 Derr-Anthony201 Derr-Anthony237 Derr-Anthony210 Derr-Anthony215 Derr-Anthony213 Derr-Anthony228 Derr-Anthony214 Derr-Anthony241 Derr-Anthony247 Derr-Anthony248 Derr-Anthony262 Derr-Anthony271 Derr-Anthony292 Derr-Anthony275 Derr-Anthony330 Derr-Anthony295 Derr-Anthony315 Derr-Anthony298 Derr-Anthony318 Derr-Anthony310 Derr-Anthony319 Derr-Anthony327 Derr-Anthony356 Derr-Anthony345 Derr-Anthony389 Derr-Anthony392 Derr-Anthony418 Derr-Anthony404 Derr-Anthony445 Derr-Anthony447 Derr-Anthony578 Derr-Anthony471 Derr-Anthony474 Derr-Anthony476 Derr-Anthony487 Derr-Anthony492 Derr-Anthony524 Derr-Anthony552 Derr-Anthony493 Derr-Anthony562 Derr-Anthony568 Derr-Anthony569 Derr-Anthony424 Derr-Anthony431 Derr-Anthony438 Derr-Anthony611 Derr-Anthony430 Derr-Anthony602 Derr-Anthony613 Derr-Anthony645 Derr-Anthony653 Derr-Anthony661 Derr-Anthony658 Derr-Anthony668 Derr-Anthony684 Derr-Anthony700 Derr-Anthony710 Derr-Anthony724 Derr-Anthony730 Derr-Anthony731 Derr-Anthony756 Derr-Anthony759 Derr-Anthony765 Derr-Anthony767 Derr-Anthony769

Brittany + Dave \\ Riverdale Manor Wedding Photography

Anderson841 A perfect summer day with 75 degree, sunny temps, a beautiful redhead + handsome groom, a neutral palette of greens, whites and grays, and a lovely sparkler exit to wish the newlyweds off – we loved Brittany + Dave’s wedding day! Here’s a little peek at some of our favorite images from the day… Anderson287 Anderson008 Anderson001 Anderson030 Anderson050 Anderson067 Anderson074 Anderson088 Anderson078 Anderson094 Anderson104 Anderson129 Anderson143 Anderson153 Anderson155 Anderson223 Anderson217 Anderson239 Anderson289 Anderson334 Anderson341 Anderson360 Anderson363 Anderson391 Anderson424 Anderson454 Anderson468 Anderson481 Anderson484 Anderson474 Anderson487 Anderson491 Anderson343 Anderson471 Anderson524 Anderson532 Anderson092 Anderson299 Anderson304 Anderson565 Anderson573 Anderson604 Anderson606 Anderson610 Anderson625 Anderson621 Anderson618 Anderson630 Anderson655 Anderson679 Anderson687 Anderson682 Anderson694 Anderson699 Anderson707 Anderson714 Anderson764 Anderson787 Anderson794 Anderson820 Anderson815 Anderson816 Anderson844 Anderson854 Anderson839 Anderson846 Anderson851