Jess + Andrew \\ Big Sur, Carmel California Wedding Photographer \\ Redwood Forest + Pfeiffer Beach

AndrewJessBigSur-32 This may be one of our very favorite sessions EVER. Tim and I have had a crush on Big Sur for a long time – it’s seriously got to be one of the prettiest places in California and all of the US. While we were out in California for Mellisa + Zac’s Napa Valley wedding at Meadowood, we also got to meet up with one of my oldest friends Jess and her awesome husband Andrew to play in Big Sur and shoot a day-after session for them. We shot along California’s beautiful coastline, deep in the redwood forests and ended at Pfeiffer Beach, arguably the best place to see a sunset in California. Jess + Andrew, it was SO fun to see you guys and create these images for you! We hope you love them as much as we do:)And PS – any blog readers out there planning a Big Sur wedding or elopement? Shoot us an email, we’d love to come back sooner rather than later! xoxo AndrewJessBigSur-2

AndrewJessBigSur-4 AndrewJessBigSur-3 AndrewJessBigSur-11 AndrewJessBigSur-12 AndrewJessBigSur-21 AndrewJessBigSur-15 AndrewJessBigSur-17 AndrewJessBigSur-24 AndrewJessBigSur-28 AndrewJessBigSur-49 AndrewJessBigSur-36 AndrewJessBigSur-38 AndrewJessBigSur-41 AndrewJessBigSur-42 AndrewJessBigSur-52 AndrewJessBigSur-46 AndrewJessBigSur-55 AndrewJessBigSur-57 AndrewJessBigSur-59 AndrewJessBigSur-60 AndrewJessBigSur-70 AndrewJessBigSur-71 AndrewJessBigSur-87 AndrewJessBigSur-64 AndrewJessBigSur-67 AndrewJessBigSur-72 AndrewJessBigSur-91 AndrewJessBigSur-89 AndrewJessBigSur-92 AndrewJessBigSur-97 AndrewJessBigSur-103 AndrewJessBigSur-104 AndrewJessBigSur-113 AndrewJessBigSur-106 AndrewJessBigSur-108 AndrewJessBigSur-116 AndrewJessBigSur-77 AndrewJessBigSur-124 AndrewJessBigSur-120 AndrewJessBigSur-129 AndrewJessBigSur-118 AndrewJessBigSur-122 AndrewJessBigSur-134 AndrewJessBigSur-128 AndrewJessBigSur-139 AndrewJessBigSur-142 AndrewJessBigSur-144 AndrewJessBigSur-143 AndrewJessBigSur-145 AndrewJessBigSur-154 AndrewJessBigSur-155 AndrewJessBigSur-164 AndrewJessBigSur-166 AndrewJessBigSur-167 AndrewJessBigSur-162 AndrewJessBigSur-170 AndrewJessBigSur-173 AndrewJessBigSur-175 AndrewJessBigSur-180 AndrewJessBigSur-181 AndrewJessBigSur-183 AndrewJessBigSur-184 AndrewJessBigSur-186 AndrewJessBigSur-189 AndrewJessBigSur-191 AndrewJessBigSur-199 AndrewJessBigSur-201

Jennifer BallardAugust 19, 2014 - 6:42 pm

Wow, so gorgeous! Really beautiful work!

Alyssa + Mitchell \\ Ridley Creek State Park Wedding Photography

Berman423Alyssa Mitchell Ridley Creek State Park wedding photos

Aside from wearing a dress that was to die for, sweet is the main word that comes to mind when we think of Alyssa and Mitchell.  They are the definition of sweet, kindhearted people. ..not to mention some of the best cuddlers we’ve seen! Ridley Creek State Park + mansion was the perfect backdrop for their romantic wedding filled with garden roses, wildflowers + old stone walls, gardens + trees…not to mention a hoppin’ dance party and patio chats late into the night. Sarah shot their wedding to perfection. Enjoy a little glimpse into what we saw at the wedding of Alyssa + Mitchell! Berman001 Berman012 Berman007 Berman002 Berman017 Berman027 Berman022 Berman044 Berman047 Berman108 Berman060 Berman081 Berman087 Berman093 Berman101 Berman105 Berman110 Berman116 Berman118 Berman119 Berman141 Berman152 Berman154 Berman156 Berman167 Berman151 Berman170 Berman171 Berman173 Berman175 Berman176 Berman177 Berman181 Berman188 Berman192 Berman197 Berman196 Berman206 Berman208 Berman213 Berman218 Berman225 Berman231 Berman234 Berman239 Berman288 Berman277 Berman293 Berman273 Berman065 Berman069 Berman295 Berman300 Berman302 Berman294 Berman311 Berman313 Berman330 Berman376 Berman353 Berman342 Berman333 Berman364 Berman366 Berman370 Berman394 Berman392 Berman400 Berman408 Berman411 Berman414 Berman417 Berman426 Berman430 Berman431 Berman438 Berman418 Berman443 Berman253 Berman458 Berman462 Berman478 Berman483 Berman485 Berman489 Berman492 Berman499 Berman520 Berman526 Berman529 Berman536 Berman538 Berman541 Berman544 Berman566 Berman593 Berman607 Berman583 Berman598 Berman603 Berman613 Berman616 Berman622 Berman694 Berman695

Olivia FischerAugust 14, 2014 - 11:53 am

Love the wedding bouquets and bridesmaids dresses; Perfect wedding photography!

Featured \\ Green Wedding Shoes

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 4.29.48 PM So happy to have Greg + Olivia’s mint + gold wedding featured on Green Wedding Shoes today! Their day was nothing short of amazing and we loved the creative team working together. Click HERE to view the Green Wedding Shoes feature and HERE to view Greg + Olivia’s blog post!

Brianna + Justin \\ Bohemian Engagement Session

Give us some incredibly yummy light, open fields, and a couple madly in love, and that’s all we need. <3 Love Brianna + Justin’s engagement session, shot by Sarah, oh so much! We’re so excited to be a part of their upcoming wedding this fall, it’s going to be amazing! BriannaJustinEng121 BriannaJustinEng083 BriannaJustinEng010 BriannaJustinEng013 BriannaJustinEng050 BriannaJustinEng066 BriannaJustinEng113 BriannaJustinEng061 BriannaJustinEng059 BriannaJustinEng078 BriannaJustinEng092 BriannaJustinEng114 BriannaJustinEng100 BriannaJustinEng102 BriannaJustinEng070 BriannaJustinEng056 BriannaJustinEng106

Roman BadeshkoAugust 11, 2014 - 6:13 pm

Very great colors, very like. What post process you are doing. Lightroom or other soft? What presets is your favorite. What lenses do you use?

Mellisa + Zac \\ Meadowood, Napa Valley CA Wedding Photography

StanislawTrojak086 What an epic weekend this was! Mellisa + Zac brought us out to beautiful Napa Valley, California to document their destination wedding. Every detail was so thoughtful + beautiful, from the gorgeous airb&b on top of a mountain to the wedding itself under the redwoods at Meadowood Napa. The two of them were so happy + joy-filled throughout the weekend, you could absolutely feel the love radiating between them! There was tears, laughter, beautiful light, amazing locations and really – what more could you ask for? M + Z…thank you so much for allowing us to capture your wedding. It was truly spectacular and we hope to return to lovely Napa Valley soon! StanislawTrojak001 StanislawTrojak002 StanislawTrojak009 StanislawTrojak034 StanislawTrojak042 StanislawTrojak049 StanislawTrojak282 StanislawTrojak290 StanislawTrojak056 StanislawTrojak075 StanislawTrojak067 StanislawTrojak079 StanislawTrojak080 StanislawTrojak083 StanislawTrojak084 StanislawTrojak037 StanislawTrojak088 StanislawTrojak094 StanislawTrojak097 StanislawTrojak105 StanislawTrojak111 StanislawTrojak125 StanislawTrojak130 StanislawTrojak141 StanislawTrojak144 StanislawTrojak140 StanislawTrojak157 StanislawTrojak163 StanislawTrojak161 StanislawTrojak166 StanislawTrojak167 StanislawTrojak181 StanislawTrojak191 StanislawTrojak192 StanislawTrojak202 StanislawTrojak198 StanislawTrojak209 StanislawTrojak214 StanislawTrojak219 StanislawTrojak222 StanislawTrojak225 StanislawTrojak226 StanislawTrojak233 StanislawTrojak231 StanislawTrojak239 StanislawTrojak250 StanislawTrojak248 StanislawTrojak255 StanislawTrojak262 StanislawTrojak273 StanislawTrojak317 StanislawTrojak334 StanislawTrojak336 StanislawTrojak350 StanislawTrojak272 StanislawTrojak319 StanislawTrojak531 StanislawTrojak353 StanislawTrojak368 StanislawTrojak377 StanislawTrojak384 StanislawTrojak389 StanislawTrojak396 StanislawTrojak404 StanislawTrojak420 StanislawTrojak429 StanislawTrojak397 StanislawTrojak430 StanislawTrojak435 StanislawTrojak431 StanislawTrojak441 StanislawTrojak444 StanislawTrojak450 StanislawTrojak453 StanislawTrojak455 StanislawTrojak459 StanislawTrojak465 StanislawTrojak468 StanislawTrojak471 StanislawTrojak473 StanislawTrojak478 StanislawTrojak485 StanislawTrojak490 StanislawTrojak492 StanislawTrojak494 StanislawTrojak498 StanislawTrojak503 StanislawTrojak508 StanislawTrojak509 StanislawTrojak514 StanislawTrojak516 StanislawTrojak518 StanislawTrojak520 StanislawTrojak523 StanislawTrojak525 StanislawTrojak532 StanislawTrojak274 StanislawTrojak277 StanislawTrojak279 StanislawTrojak340 StanislawTrojak352 StanislawTrojak311 StanislawTrojak310 StanislawTrojak299 StanislawTrojak297 StanislawTrojak560 StanislawTrojak581 StanislawTrojak595 StanislawTrojak592 StanislawTrojak599 StanislawTrojak602 StanislawTrojak611 StanislawTrojak609 StanislawTrojak618 StanislawTrojak613 StanislawTrojak616 StanislawTrojak620 StanislawTrojak626 StanislawTrojak627 StanislawTrojak630 StanislawTrojak636 StanislawTrojak643 StanislawTrojak642 StanislawTrojak637 StanislawTrojak667 StanislawTrojak684 StanislawTrojak672 StanislawTrojak675 StanislawTrojak674 StanislawTrojak686 StanislawTrojak694 StanislawTrojak691 StanislawTrojak692 StanislawTrojak701 StanislawTrojak742 StanislawTrojak768 StanislawTrojak781 StanislawTrojak782 StanislawTrojak802 StanislawTrojak811 StanislawTrojak798 StanislawTrojak809 StanislawTrojak841 StanislawTrojak852 StanislawTrojak854 StanislawTrojak856 StanislawTrojak858 StanislawTrojak861

[…] be one of the prettiest places in California and all of the US. While we were out in California for Mellisa + Zac’s Napa Valley wedding at Meadowood, we also got to meet up with one of my oldest friends Jess and her awesome husband Andrew to play […]