It’s time for another Wedding Friends Spotlight! We took a couple months off for busy season from this little blog series, and we’re back today sharing one of our absolute most talented husband + wife teams we work with, Oleander Florals + Design!  Hartman682 Hartman840 LoveAffairWorkshop-139 Hartman581 If you’ve been around our blog, Facebook page or Instagram anytime in the past two years, you’ve seen us post LOTS of work with our good friends Oleander Florals + Design. We’re so thrilled to share their gorgeous new website with you all! You can check it out, featuring so many beautiful weddings we’ve worked on together, HERE.  Cynthia + Dave Manchester, the incredibly talented husband + wife duo behind Oleander, share a little about their story like this.


“Cynthia: “So, in spite of all the things we’ve done, I’m really struggling with labeling us as romantic designers. Yes, it’s been 12 plus years and I love you, but really? Is that really us?”

David: “Yeah, babe. You’re missing it.  We’ve been through a lot, more than most… and we’re still here.  We’re real life romantic.”

And so are our clients. Beautifully unique, honestly flawed, filled with joy and sadness, hopes and fears.

Real… raw… and incredibly romantic.

As a couple, we have bonded over a shared love of textures and mediums that embody effortless, simple beauty.  Celebrating the imperfect nature of the materials we use has become not only our way of expressing the real life romance of our clients, it has become our signature.

In creating Oleander, a Boutique Floral & Event Styling Studio, we have founded a partnership uncommon in today’s event design community.

Having trained under some of New York & Philadelphia’s most established floral designers & event stylists, Cynthia’s fine arts and photography background, passion for the botanical and keen sense of environmental design have helped establish Oleander as one of the region’s finest floral & event studios.

David’s successful career in interior architectural design, fabrication, metal casting, concrete sculpting and woodworking for commercial and residential clients throughout the Philadelphia & NYC markets have helped to expand Oleander’s event design capabilities far beyond the traditional.  “

Enjoy a few of our favorite images we’ve shot of Oleander’s work…and if you’re waiting to reach out to a florist til closer to your date, don’t!;)These guys book up quickly! And don’t forget to check out their new site!


Barrera-Guthrie156 Tucker-Miller_LFP761 Barrera-Guthrie624 These two have a genuine talent that is rare in the wedding industry – not only do they care immensely about their couples, they have an eye for design, color and texture that is unmatched. The design elements they use are lush, full of interesting arrangements + unexpected combinations to make your wedding florals + decor works of art. Not only are their florals amazing, but with Dave’s custom business Wanderlust Collective, they can incorporate unique handcrafted tables worked in metal, wood, rope, and amazing installations hung from rafters, barn ceilings or really anything…..they can do it all!  Miller388 LoveAffairWorkshop-157 BrandonGillianTerrain058 McKinlay464 BrandonGillianTerrain218

Winter Berry Inspired Styled Shoot019 Best of 2014 Lauren Fair Photography Destination Wedding photography_0123 Best of 2014 Lauren Fair Photography Destination Wedding photography_0120 BrandonGillianTerrain143 Comis-Villarreal382 BrandonGillianTerrain170 BrandonGillianTerrain046 Best of 2014 Lauren Fair Photography Destination Wedding photography_0057 Winter Berry Inspired Styled Shoot097 Winter Berry Inspired Styled Shoot028 Horn-Neuman468 Horn-Neuman535 Walcott199 Walcott361 Comis-Villarreal333 Miller059

Quigley-LeToux243 Kendall + Sebastien – where to even start with their wedding day?! We adored every part of working with these two! For starters, they’re incredibly kind, cool and talented folks! Sebastien happens to be a pro soccer player (from France!) playing for the Philadelphia Union currently, where he met the beautiful Kendall out one night with friends. Kendall is a stylist + pro home stager who’s also launching into the wedding styling + planning business, as well as is the genius behind the beautiful bouquets, florals + tablescapes you’ll see! We thoroughly enjoyed meeting all their family + friends from France and spending the day trotting around some cool nooks of Philadelphia in the freezing cold. With it being January, we spent a majority of the day indoors, thanks to some uber-cool urban areas. (Hi, beautiful Maggpie Vintage Rentals!) Their Front & Palmer ceremony + reception were perfect black-tie, candlelit elegance and Slippery Band absolutely killed it! Some of our absolute favorite moments were during the reception – the little touches + looks they gave each other throughout the night made their love so incredibly evident, and they really did light up the room. We adore these two and are so thankful to have had the chance to collaborate together on their beautiful wedding day. Lots of love, you two! xoxo Quigley-LeToux005 Quigley-LeToux010 Quigley-LeToux011 Quigley-LeToux013 Quigley-LeToux014 Quigley-LeToux017 Quigley-LeToux019 Quigley-LeToux023 Quigley-LeToux025 Quigley-LeToux028 Quigley-LeToux032 Quigley-LeToux035 Quigley-LeToux036 Quigley-LeToux054 Quigley-LeToux047 Quigley-LeToux059 Quigley-LeToux076 Quigley-LeToux083 Quigley-LeToux082 Quigley-LeToux084 Quigley-LeToux087 Quigley-LeToux089 Quigley-LeToux090 Quigley-LeToux093 Quigley-LeToux097 Quigley-LeToux098 Quigley-LeToux100 Quigley-LeToux107 Quigley-LeToux114 Quigley-LeToux118 Quigley-LeToux123 Quigley-LeToux124 Quigley-LeToux129 Quigley-LeToux137 Quigley-LeToux153 Quigley-LeToux157 Quigley-LeToux161 Quigley-LeToux168 Quigley-LeToux172 Quigley-LeToux177 Quigley-LeToux178 Quigley-LeToux183 Quigley-LeToux191 Quigley-LeToux188 Quigley-LeToux195 Quigley-LeToux202 Quigley-LeToux209 Quigley-LeToux212 Quigley-LeToux214 Quigley-LeToux218 Quigley-LeToux227 Quigley-LeToux228 Quigley-LeToux229 Quigley-LeToux233 Quigley-LeToux251 Quigley-LeToux235 Quigley-LeToux246 Quigley-LeToux264 Quigley-LeToux266 Quigley-LeToux267 Quigley-LeToux269 Quigley-LeToux270 Quigley-LeToux274 Quigley-LeToux272 Quigley-LeToux288 Quigley-LeToux291 Quigley-LeToux292 Quigley-LeToux297 Quigley-LeToux300 Quigley-LeToux303 Quigley-LeToux307 Quigley-LeToux312 Quigley-LeToux315 Quigley-LeToux317 Quigley-LeToux319 Quigley-LeToux318 Quigley-LeToux322 Quigley-LeToux326 Quigley-LeToux330 Quigley-LeToux332 Quigley-LeToux337 Quigley-LeToux341 Quigley-LeToux343 Quigley-LeToux355 Quigley-LeToux357 Quigley-LeToux381 Quigley-LeToux367 Quigley-LeToux400 Quigley-LeToux407 Quigley-LeToux420 Quigley-LeToux423 Quigley-LeToux428 Quigley-LeToux444 Quigley-LeToux449 Quigley-LeToux452 Quigley-LeToux461 Quigley-LeToux465 Quigley-LeToux502 Quigley-LeToux494 Quigley-LeToux498 Quigley-LeToux510 Quigley-LeToux509 Quigley-LeToux500 Quigley-LeToux513 Quigley-LeToux515 Quigley-LeToux516 Quigley-LeToux519 Quigley-LeToux525 Quigley-LeToux526 Quigley-LeToux531 Quigley-LeToux541 Quigley-LeToux538 Quigley-LeToux550 Quigley-LeToux569 Quigley-LeToux574 Quigley-LeToux577 Quigley-LeToux580 Quigley-LeToux595 Quigley-LeToux570 Quigley-LeToux615 Quigley-LeToux630 Quigley-LeToux631 Quigley-LeToux625 Quigley-LeToux633 Quigley-LeToux635 Quigley-LeToux650 Quigley-LeToux637 Quigley-LeToux651 Quigley-LeToux666 Quigley-LeToux664 Quigley-LeToux669 Quigley-LeToux671 Quigley-LeToux685 Quigley-LeToux688 Quigley-LeToux697 Quigley-LeToux708 Quigley-LeToux705 Quigley-LeToux709 Quigley-LeToux712 Quigley-LeToux713 Quigley-LeToux714 Quigley-LeToux732 Quigley-LeToux738 Quigley-LeToux743 Quigley-LeToux757 Quigley-LeToux760 Quigley-LeToux774 Quigley-LeToux779 Quigley-LeToux780 Quigley-LeToux782 Quigley-LeToux797 Quigley-LeToux800 Quigley-LeToux801 Quigley-LeToux806 Quigley-LeToux807 Quigley-LeToux808 Quigley-LeToux814 Quigley-LeToux817 Quigley-LeToux821 Quigley-LeToux824 Quigley-LeToux829 Quigley-LeToux832 Quigley-LeToux833 Quigley-LeToux837 Quigley-LeToux843 Quigley-LeToux847 Quigley-LeToux848 Quigley-LeToux850 Quigley-LeToux857 Quigley-LeToux874 Quigley-LeToux879 Quigley-LeToux894 Quigley-LeToux899 Quigley-LeToux851 Quigley-LeToux904 Quigley-LeToux915 Quigley-LeToux911 Quigley-LeToux925

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    wow these pictures are beautiful every thing is so stylish and elegant i couldn’t take my eyes off the decoration and the dresses so stylish love it :)ReplyCancel

Woland-Brescia200 Leah + Shayne held a laid-back barn wedding in Bloomsburg, PA filled with tons of dancing, a few tears, even more laughter, tons of natural beauty surrounding them, an absolutely stunning high-necked vintage wedding gown and a pink dinner jacket (YES to stylish grooms!).  Leah is a fashion blogger from DC, so it’s no surprise that her gown was completely and utterly stunning on her! Sarah photographed their wedding filled with so many sweet details + moments, and we’re so excited to share it with you today!  Woland-Brescia004 Woland-Brescia007 Woland-Brescia027 Woland-Brescia036 Woland-Brescia049 Woland-Brescia054 Woland-Brescia060 Woland-Brescia065 Woland-Brescia072 Woland-Brescia075 Woland-Brescia081 Woland-Brescia091 Woland-Brescia099 Woland-Brescia104 Woland-Brescia106 Woland-Brescia108 Woland-Brescia118 Woland-Brescia195 Woland-Brescia125 Woland-Brescia128 Woland-Brescia131 Woland-Brescia144 Woland-Brescia147 Woland-Brescia149 Woland-Brescia148 Woland-Brescia168 Woland-Brescia194 Woland-Brescia175 Woland-Brescia187 Woland-Brescia198 Woland-Brescia208 Woland-Brescia191 Woland-Brescia214 Woland-Brescia218 Woland-Brescia220 Woland-Brescia227 Woland-Brescia230 Woland-Brescia240 Woland-Brescia248 Woland-Brescia252 Woland-Brescia262 Woland-Brescia291 Woland-Brescia302 Woland-Brescia327 Woland-Brescia313 Woland-Brescia334 Woland-Brescia346 Woland-Brescia353 Woland-Brescia373 Woland-Brescia389 Woland-Brescia400 Woland-Brescia402 Woland-Brescia406 Woland-Brescia420 Woland-Brescia440 Woland-Brescia267 Woland-Brescia274 Woland-Brescia488 Woland-Brescia489 Woland-Brescia502 Woland-Brescia503 Woland-Brescia541 Woland-Brescia522 Woland-Brescia516 Woland-Brescia533 Woland-Brescia536 Woland-Brescia531 Woland-Brescia572 Woland-Brescia585 Woland-Brescia592 Woland-Brescia599 Woland-Brescia610 Woland-Brescia613 Woland-Brescia619 Woland-Brescia636 Woland-Brescia665 Woland-Brescia652

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    Leah is one of my favorite friends loved everything about this dayReplyCancel

Jackson Hole Wyoming winter travelogue Tim + I escaped the freezing temperatures in PA last weekend for a mini getaway to even colder temperatures, all the way out west to the beautiful mountain town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming! The entire Fair clan absolutely loves this area, but it was my first time there! Apparently it’s even more beautiful in the summer, but the winter scenery was pretty darn amazing.  In case any of you travel bugs out there are planning to go out west anytime soon, I thought I’d share a few things we did that were super fun! I’ll also share where we ate, stayed + snowboarded! This town is totally doable in 4 days, which is what we did after booking super last-minute flights. We had a crazy January full of 6 amazing weddings and getting away for a few days was just what we needed!  JacksonHoleWyoming2015-001 Since we planned our trip so last-minute, flights were way too expensive to fly straight into Jackson Hole. We ended up finding flights into Idaho Falls, Idaho, about a 1 hr. 45 minute drive outside of Jackson. We got to drive through the beautiful Idaho-Wyoming mountain pass, which was actually gorgeous and a fun way to start soaking in the beautiful mountainous scenery.
JacksonHoleWyoming2015-015 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-017 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-019 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-024 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-025 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-026 We stayed at the absolutely lovely Rustic Inn in downtown Jackson, and we loved it! Super cozy cabins right on the river, with a “nature walk” through the cabins and the backdrop of a mountain. They were very reasonably priced and included a gigantic hearty breakfast each morning! JacksonHoleWyoming2015-030 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-033 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-035 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-038 By the time we got into Jackson that afternoon, we just spent the rest of the day exploring the adorable western town! The first night, we got dinner at The Merry Piglets, a Mexican restaurant with unlimited fresh-baked chips and house made salsa followed by pulled chicken tacos + Coronas. Highly recommend it! Later in the evening we checked out the Philly /Jackson Hole semi-pro hockey game to cheer on a few of our Philadelphia friends who play on the team (and hang out with one of our past couples, Katie + Mike!) JacksonHoleWyoming2015-064 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-066 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-068 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-072 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-074 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-075

The next morning, we were awake bright + early to snowboard on the legendary Jackson Hole Ski Resort. Scarily steep, blizzard like conditions at the top and the prettiest views you ever saw…I for sure conquered my fear of big-mountain snowboarding on this trip! Tim absolutely loved it.

JacksonHoleWyoming2015-041 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-050 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-047 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-053 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-056 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-057 Loved this little coffee shop at the base of Teton Village!  JacksonHoleWyoming2015-059 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-062 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-081 For those wanting to stay a little closer to the skiing action, Fireside Lodge was another place we looked into, with similar adorable cabins. We might stay here next time:)  JacksonHoleWyoming2015-085 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-097 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-098 Another restaurant we enjoyed was Snake River Brewing Co, which had delicious hot sandwiches + brews. JacksonHoleWyoming2015-101 We ate at The Kitchen the second night, which was a little on the pricier side but thanks to a few free app/drink coupons from the hockey game we went to the first night, we loved it. High quality ingredients + a vibe that makes you feel like you’re eating in an igloo! Our final day, we rented a snowmobile and explored some of the stunning back country about an hour south of Jackson! We took snowmobile trails out to the Granite Falls and Granite Hot Springs, which was an amazing experience! We spent most of the morning snowmobiling through a blizzard that dumped at least 6 inches of snow on the ground while we were out.
JacksonHoleWyoming2015-209 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-211 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-224 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-215 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-226 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-205 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-124 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-128 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-125 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-131 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-132 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-137 Eventually we made it to the Hot Springs! (after getting our snowmobile buried in almost 6 feet of powdery snow, having a minor freakout then digging it out with our hands…haha). This is what you see as you arrive to the hot springs area! It seriously looked like Narnia!  JacksonHoleWyoming2015-141 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-143 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-149 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-153 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-154 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-157 H JacksonHoleWyoming2015-238 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-229 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-156 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-162 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-163 Yep, that’s all fresh snow on this bridge!

JacksonHoleWyoming2015-164 Another awesome thing was passing all the dog sleds!! These pups were adorable – they were soooo excited to pull the sleds and after their lunch break at the hot springs, the dogs all started howling in unison and jumping in the air straining to start pulling the sled again! SO cool, however the people on the dog sleds looked slightly miserable / freezing so we were thankful we did snowmobiling instead, since ours had heated hand grips!  JacksonHoleWyoming2015-166 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-167 The snowstorm cleared up in the afternoon and we got to see more gorgeous scenery, and even a moose! We just had our little Fuji X-M1 with a fixed lens on, so we couldn’t get any closeups of the moose, but they were awesome.:)JacksonHoleWyoming2015-168 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-174 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-175 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-181 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-185 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-186 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-189 We were chilled to the bone after being soaking wet all day, so we grabbed some hot spiced drinks at the lobby bar and relaxed at the Rustic Inn’s fireplace before dinner. We were pretty tired from all the trekking and swimming, so we just got a casual dinner at Pizzeria Caldera and a drink at the famous Cowboy Bar (you sit on saddles!) before calling it a night. JacksonHoleWyoming2015-197 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-194 JacksonHoleWyoming2015-196 We loved this quick little trip out west and can’t wait to plan another visit in the summer months to see what other beauty Jackson Hole has to offer!  JacksonHoleWyoming2015-239

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    This has always been at the top of my travel list! So glad you had lots of good things to say–I think it may be time to start planning!ReplyCancel

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    One of my favorite pics is the one of you standing in the middle of the road banked by trees, snow falling. So stunning!! It looks like you guys really had an amazing trip!!ReplyCancel

LaurenJerry_LFP398 Lauren + Jerry had such a beautiful autumn wedding! It was the type of October day that every bride who wants a fall wedding dreams about — crisp cool air with a warm sunset, with guests lingering on the property drinking hot cider + cranberry cocktails + munching on caramel apples before partying the night away by a roaring fire at the John James Audubon center. These two are such gems – we have loved getting to know them over the past year and a half! Their family + friends clearly adored them as well – these guys have a knack for surrounding themselves with wonderful people. We loved working with our friends True Beauty Marks and Belovely Florals + Design (triple Lauren power! haha). We hope you enjoy a little peek into their wedding day:)xoxo
LaurenJerry_LFP005 LaurenJerry_LFP013 LaurenJerry_LFP007 LaurenJerry_LFP014 LaurenJerry_LFP020 LaurenJerry_LFP027 LaurenJerry_LFP039 LaurenJerry_LFP042 LaurenJerry_LFP041 LaurenJerry_LFP045 LaurenJerry_LFP049 LaurenJerry_LFP057 LaurenJerry_LFP071 LaurenJerry_LFP067 LaurenJerry_LFP074 LaurenJerry_LFP094 LaurenJerry_LFP115 LaurenJerry_LFP123 LaurenJerry_LFP124 LaurenJerry_LFP216 LaurenJerry_LFP225 LaurenJerry_LFP231 LaurenJerry_LFP233 LaurenJerry_LFP235 LaurenJerry_LFP259 LaurenJerry_LFP268 LaurenJerry_LFP272 LaurenJerry_LFP293 LaurenJerry_LFP296 LaurenJerry_LFP298 LaurenJerry_LFP305 LaurenJerry_LFP311 LaurenJerry_LFP317 LaurenJerry_LFP331 LaurenJerry_LFP336 LaurenJerry_LFP338 LaurenJerry_LFP350 LaurenJerry_LFP356 LaurenJerry_LFP360 LaurenJerry_LFP363 LaurenJerry_LFP376 LaurenJerry_LFP381 LaurenJerry_LFP390 LaurenJerry_LFP395 LaurenJerry_LFP397 LaurenJerry_LFP421 LaurenJerry_LFP420 LaurenJerry_LFP452 LaurenJerry_LFP459 LaurenJerry_LFP438 LaurenJerry_LFP461 LaurenJerry_LFP468 LaurenJerry_LFP480 LaurenJerry_LFP482 LaurenJerry_LFP491 LaurenJerry_LFP501 LaurenJerry_LFP513 LaurenJerry_LFP521 LaurenJerry_LFP528 LaurenJerry_LFP534 LaurenJerry_LFP537 LaurenJerry_LFP540 LaurenJerry_LFP544 LaurenJerry_LFP546 LaurenJerry_LFP568 LaurenJerry_LFP548 LaurenJerry_LFP571 LaurenJerry_LFP576 LaurenJerry_LFP729 LaurenJerry_LFP578 LaurenJerry_LFP590 LaurenJerry_LFP596 LaurenJerry_LFP607 LaurenJerry_LFP663 LaurenJerry_LFP668 LaurenJerry_LFP678 LaurenJerry_LFP735 LaurenJerry_LFP737 LaurenJerry_LFP745 LaurenJerry_LFP620 LaurenJerry_LFP632 LaurenJerry_LFP646 LaurenJerry_LFP653 LaurenJerry_LFP654