Where to get ready on your wedding day!

We get a lot of questions from brides about this! Where do you get ready for your wedding day? A hotel? Your home? Your parent’s home? We actually LOVE the “getting ready” part of the wedding day photos — there is so much anticipation, excitement and nerves going on in the room! Believe it or not, where you choose to get ready directly determines a lot of how your photos will look! We want you to have the best photos you possibly can, including that hour or two of getting ready photos! We always encourage brides to think about a few things when choosing where to get ready:

1. Distance from the ceremony location. Ideally, under 15 minutes away, or if possible, at the ceremony location itself. This allows for a smooth transition, makeup and hair to stay in place, and doesn’t waste any precious time traveling on your wedding day!

2. LIGHT. This is the most important part of where you get ready! Choose a location with a lot of natural light and windows. This dramatically improves your skin tone, the quality of light in the photos, and the overall feel of lightness and happiness in your photos!

3. Style. Think about the style of your wedding day! If you’re having a rustic, outdoorsy wedding with lots of cute natural details, it probably ties in with the colors of your bridesmaid dresses, your flowers, jewelry pieces, etc. We use the “getting ready” part of your photos to style your dress, shoes, jewelry, and bouquets, and we LOVE it when brides choose a location where the style is similar to the rest of the wedding day because it creates a more cohesive storyline and flows beautifully into your first look, portraits, and bridal party photos.

Getting ready in a rustic art studio = brilliant!

4. Cleanliness. We always tidy up a bit when we arrive, but having your girls keep their bags and stuff tucked away in corners rather than thrown over the bed / chair / etc. creates much more visually pleasing getting ready photos.

5. Timeliness. Leave MORE than enough time for your makeup and hair! An extra hour before you think you need to be ready is probably safe.

6. Communicating with your bridesmaids on when they need to be ready. We love it when your mom and at least maid of honor are fully dressed and ready when they’re helping you into your dress. There’s usually beautiful emotion flowing while your besties are helping you into your dress, so having them in their dresses with hair done makes everyone look good and doesn’t distract!

I hope this helps you as you’re thinking through the details of your wedding day! We want to give you the BEST photos in the world, and these tips can create a gorgeous environment for your getting ready photos!

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