What Started It All // my first DSLR photos

I was browsing through old photos this week in an attempt to organize my personal photos, and stumbled on these photos from a trip I took to Italy during college. I had just bought a shiny new Canon Rebel and these snaps were from my first day using it. The photo of the sunset coming through the narrow Florence street is the one photo I can point to and say, this photo started my love affair with photography. It was the first time I really noticed what LIGHT did when captured in a frame, and I fell in love from that moment on. I sat in little piazzas and squares just people-watching for hours, and noticing the interaction between honeymooners, models, wrinked gypsy women, street artists and tourists in love. I fell in love not only with light, but with the interesting quality of humans together. They are not particularly good photos, but these photos-my very first ones with a DSLR-are the ones that sparked this crazy and amazing journey.

What about you? Do you have a photo or two that you can point to as the one that started it all for you? 5369_1170905760893_3081508_n 5369_1170903320832_5442589_n 5369_1170907840945_5999177_n Italy2009-3 5369_1170903560838_4201373_n Italy2009-4 5369_1170905680891_3956637_n 5369_1170905200879_2851711_n 5369_1170905440885_6858647_n 5369_1170903000824_3061191_n Italy2009-2

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