We’re Hiring Another Associate!

Helloooo friends! We have some super exciting things to share today! Over the past 3 years, our team here has grown from just me (Lauren) to Lauren and Tim, and two years ago we added the amazing Becka. A year ago we partnered with the amazing cinematographers Willow Tree Films, aka Olivia + Greg.  Our team has grown super close and absolutely LOVE working together, and we’ve been blessed beyond belief to work with some of the most truly authentic, loving couples who have spread the word about their experience with us. We’ve been blessed to be featured in a few major publications including the Knot magazine, Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Glamour magazine, 100 Layer Cake, Ruffled, Bridal Musings, Philadelphia Style, Hollywood Reporter, and upcoming in Manhattan Bride Magazine, West Virginia Weddings Magazine, and a few other national campaigns. Over the past few years, we have been able to help SO many more than couples than if we were just a 1-person operation. We never ever ever want to lose the feeling of a small boutique studio, so we will always keep our team fairly small….That being said….WE’RE LOOKING FOR ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPHER TO JOIN OUR TEAM!! WOOHOO!

What we’re looking for:

1. PERSONALITY. Our photography is SO strongly rooted in the relationships we have with our couples, the ability to laugh, engage, draw a shy couple out of their shells, make them laugh, make friends with the bridal party, and keep a smile on your face, no matter what’s going on around you. Personality is HUGE. We can teach any type of photography skill or buy any piece of equipment, but personality can’t be taught :). You must have a genuine LOVE for people, a love for weddings, the ability to have fun while working under pressure, and just be the type of person we want to hang out with on a regular basis!

2. Photography skill and a pretty excellent pro setup (L series glass + Mark II equivalent or higher.) Although equipment is not everything, our photos are held to a certain standard of being able to capture candlelit ceremonies, bright lighting conditions, etc. and you need great lenses + bodies to be able to document this properly.  It is completely great if our new associate has his/her own business, as well – we have no problem with this. If you don’t currently have a great setup but we see that you have an excellent eye, you must be willing to upgrade to our standard of pro equipment!

3. ZERO EGO. We can’t stress this one enough. Humility + a sense of humor are the only things that get you through a 12+ hour day working with literally hundreds of guests, arranging family groups in a way that they’ll be having fun, and working with possible other difficult vendors (although this happens rarely!).  We will gladly teach you everything we know about photography, our editing, our process, and take you with us to weddings and shoots to train you, but we won’t work well with someone who isn’t interested in learning. With that being said, we also don’t want to invest our knowledge + training into someone who will take what they learn, leave us and duplicate our style with your own business. While we aren’t asking for a 10 year commitment or anything, we do want to know that the person we bring into our team has a genuine desire to stay with us for a while. Plus, we’re pretty fun and think our team is a great place to be! 😉

4. Willingness to travel. We are blessed to shoot weddings throughout the USA, and travel internationally a few times a year. Have your passports ready! 🙂

5. An excellent eye. We are more than willing to bring on someone a little less experienced and train you for several months in intensive real life situations like weddings + engagement shoots, but we really want to see that creativity in your sample work.

If you’re interested in joining our team, please email us at info@laurenfairphotography.com with your name, age, a link to any portfolio or work that you’re proud of, a little bit about yourself, WHY you think you could be a good fit on our team, and any other random fun facts about yourself 🙂 If we think you could be a good fit, we’d love to meet you over coffee or a drink at our studio + talk over some more details! We can’t WAIT to hear from you and meet our next teammate!!!

  • Christy TylerJuly 19, 2013 - 3:08 pm

    So awesome you two! What a great opportunity for someone! Love it!ReplyCancel

  • Linda Muir-CauleyJuly 20, 2013 - 3:55 pm

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