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We’re going to be sharing a few of our favorite wedding vendors to work with on our blog over the next few weeks! We know how much an impact the rest of your wedding vendors have on the feel of your wedding, so we wanted to share a few of our favorites in the hopes you might find another amazing team to work with! 🙂 We’re kicking it off with Kate Sparks from Lilies & Lavender, an organic + holistic florist based in Doylestown, PA. We work with a lot of amazing florists, but we especially love how Kate grows all of her own flowers + takes an extremely sustainable approach to her farming- such a cool approach to floral design! We also recently had one of our photos of Kate’s bouquet featured in a new book, “Fresh from the Field Wedding Flowers.”

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How long have you been a florist?

Lilies and Lavender officially started in 1998 as a flower farm. I sold flowers at local farmers’ markets, to a few local florists and to Design It Yourself brides. About seven years ago a farmers’ market customer asked me to design flowers for her wedding, now weddings are my largest revenue source.




How many people are on your team?

My wonderful intern from last year, Kat Claar, is coming back to be my farm manager. Additionally, I usually have one intern and another employee to help at the farmers’ market every season.

Describe your style:

I would describe my design style as seasonal, natural and holistic. I’m a flower farmer first and want the beauty, form, and quality of the flowers to be what stands out in a design. On the farm we use sustainable, non chemical, growing methods. On the design side of the business I use sustainable, natural elements such as curly willow, sand, small stones, chicken wire or flower frogs to hold flowers, instead of floral foam, which contains carcinogens and doesn’t decompose. I also enjoy using non-floral botanicals such as small fruits, herbs, vegetables, seed pods, and unusual foliage. I’m always on the look out for unusual flowers and botanicals which haven’t traditionally been thought of as floral design material. I’m also very aware of color and love flowers with many subtle color variations.

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Fera707 How many events/weddings are you part of a year?

Because all of the flowers I use for wedding design are either grown on my farm or other local farms the business is seasonal, from March through October. Last season I had about 60 weddings.

What’s your favorite part about working with your couples?

My favorite part of a wedding is walking through the rows of flowers with the bride and groom so they can make their final floral selections. Clients love when I show them the flowers I’ve grown especially for them!

HaleyAndrew045 HaleyAndrew046 HaleyAndrew084 What’s the craziest wedding story you’ve experienced?!

One of my first weddings was for a couple who showed up at my door on a Sunday afternoon and begged me to do their wedding which was two months away. This was long before I had a website. The bride was determined to have local flowers and managed to track me down from a listing on local harvest. They drove from New York city, with Bubby in the back seat, not knowing exactly how to get here. They were absolutely charming and of course I had to say yes after all that effort!


Any tips for brides as they’re budgeting or planning for flowers?

Brides who want to use local flowers should realize they are seasonal. brides should ask the designer what will be in bloom at the time of their wedding. They will need to be flexible because the bloom time of flowers is weather dependent. It’s difficult to predict exactly what will be in bloom on a particular day or week. The upside to this is seasonal, local flowers are fresher, retain their scent and are much more vibrant than flowers shipped from overseas. At Lilies and Lavender we invite brides to walk through the fields with us the week before their wedding so they can make their final floral selections. Even the most beautiful photos can’t compare to seeing the flowers in person. Some of my brides have changed their minds once they see all the varieties they have to choose from!

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What is your secret wedding talent? {come on, we all have one randomly helpful skill 😉 }!

I love auctions. Tracking down the perfect vessels for a wedding floral design is a fun game! I have a basement full of beautiful, unusual vases and containers which I can use for my wedding designs!

What place are you dying to travel for a wedding?!

I would love to do a wedding in a farmhouse in Northern Italy, maybe lake Como or over the border in Lugano, Switzerland.!
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