Wedding Friends Spotlight \\ Belovely!

Time for our second installation of spotlighting some of our favorite wedding artists to work with! Today we’re going to share a little bit about Belovely, an event styling/decor/floral studio who also specializes in super rad chalkboard designs, custom invitation design, creative styling + transforming general color scheme ideas into tangible displays at your wedding! Belovely also has an adorable shop in Ambler selling everything cute + awesome you could imagine, so if you’re local to the area, I highly recommend stopping by! Follow along on their instagram page for announcements on their chalk classes, too – I’ve been and it was so much fun!

Meet Lauren, the creative director!


{headshot photo by Olivia Hagey}
How long have you been styling? 
The wedding obsession started with the planning of my own back in 2010. As soon as it ended and friends & family saw all the customization I did for my own, it rolled into this project that was Belovely. We started out as just styling (putting out bride and groom’s DIY projects, hanging lighting, curtains & custom details as well as filling in with our own props) and slowly grew into a full services floral & styling design company. We opened our gift shop in Ambler in June of 2013 and are happy to have a home base to meet with our couples, be a part of the community and host workshops! Dvorsak407
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How many people are on your team?
Our team is quickly growing! What started out as a two person staff and summer interns is bound to double in the next year! Currently we have three on staff, but between full time staff and interns we should be a team of 5-6 before our season really begins! McManimen616
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How many events/weddings are you part of a year?
We are happy to be a part of anywhere between 35-40 weddings per year. We love being a part of love!
What’s your favorite part about working with your couples?
Hands down, bringing their dream wedding and vision to life. I worked as an interior designer prior to doing weddings, and as much as I love doing interiors, designing for weddings is very similar and way more rewarding. My brides quickly become good friends and it brings me such joy being part of their special day.  McManimen547
What’s the craziest wedding story you’ve experienced?
Ok, I’ve really racked my brain on this question. Honestly, the craziest weddings we have are the ones where I’m not only styling, but I’m a guest as well. Nothing beats running around all day sweating, and then cleaning yourself up in record time to attend the ceremony. Not to mention after hours of work, the bar is too appealing and then clean up becomes a bit sloppy!
Other than that, I think the only wedding that gave me a shock was Erin & Jeff’s backyard wedding, where their parents surprised them with a fireworks show!  Definitely a sweet & awesome surprise to the night!
Any tips for brides as they’re budgeting or planning for florals or styling?
Think outside the box. Sometimes putting emphasis on textiles, colors & the over all vision can give a big and memorable impact instead getting sucked into what’s popular on Pinterest. Yes, you may have seen mason jar & baby’s breath weddings, but make your wedding stand out and do something different and personal to you and your beau! Embrace your quirky side and you’re guests are sure to leave in awe!
  McManimen596 McManimen688
 What is your secret wedding talent? {come on, we all have one randomly helpful skill 😉 }
Having a background and training in Interior Design allows me to really grasp the overall feel of the entire wedding; from flowers and styling to graphics. The best weddings are the ones that are cohesive in style from start to finish and really “brand” the couple.
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What place are you dying to travel for a wedding?
Honestly, I’d love to do a desert wedding. There’s something honest and pure about a Native American theme that I’d get totally wrapped up in. That or anywhere in Ireland, Thailand or New Zealand. (hey, why not put some bucket list travel locations on the list!?)

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