Veronica + Max \\ Brooklyn Winery Wedding

Veronica + Max have such a contagious zest for life and are total adventure-seekers — our kind of people! From their rainy and stormy engagement session through to their amazing, heartfelt wedding day, we have so enjoyed getting to know them! They had such a meaningful wedding with tons of thoughtful, unique moments incorporated in the ceremony….followed by a crazy dance party! They welcomed all their vendors in as family and you can tell their family + friends love life just as much as Vero + Max do. Veronica is so sassy + Max is her perfect romantic counterpart – there were so many intimate sweet moments between them. Sarah did an absolutely amazing job capturing their wedding day and we’re so excited to share it with you here!

Saffer001 Saffer006

This airb&b rental was the perfect place for the girls to get ready! Saffer008 Saffer007 Saffer010 Saffer012 Saffer013 Saffer014 Saffer018 Saffer024 Saffer029 Saffer004 Saffer035 Saffer039 Saffer044 Saffer056 Saffer055 Saffer057 Saffer061 Saffer069 Saffer084 Saffer086 Saffer087 Saffer089 Saffer097 Saffer096 Saffer107 Saffer119 Saffer120 Saffer110 Saffer126 Saffer129 Saffer116 Saffer148 Saffer152 Saffer171 Saffer168 Saffer175 Saffer185 Saffer208 Saffer206 Saffer218 Saffer219 Saffer223 Saffer199 Saffer237 Saffer238 Saffer242 Saffer247 Saffer232 Saffer251 Saffer257 Saffer256 Saffer091 Saffer282 Saffer303 Saffer302 Saffer307 Saffer309 Saffer310 Saffer315 Saffer327 Saffer332 Saffer355 Saffer357 Saffer366 Saffer370 Saffer376 Saffer385 Saffer393 Saffer420 Saffer426 Saffer343 Saffer432 Saffer446 Saffer447 Saffer451 Saffer455 Saffer470 Saffer476 Saffer488 Saffer462 Saffer490 Saffer495 Saffer500 Saffer505 Saffer509 Saffer512 Saffer521 Saffer519 Saffer524 Saffer528 Saffer531 Saffer534 Saffer540 Saffer559 Saffer554 Saffer560 Saffer569 Saffer572 Saffer573 Saffer571 Saffer595 Saffer581 Saffer588 Saffer614 Saffer615 Saffer626 Saffer628 Saffer629 Saffer647 Saffer657 Saffer662 Saffer714 Saffer757 Saffer758 Saffer774 Saffer675 Saffer717

  • Amanda MillerJuly 16, 2014 - 10:33 pm

    Obsessed with her cap sleeves and red lips! Such a gorgeous look! And those ceremony shots are just beyond beautiful, the emotion, love it!ReplyCancel

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