Snippets of life : November – December edition :)

I’ve fallen a bit behind on sharing these! We’re big believers in documenting the everyday moments, and our iPhones are usually our cameras of choice 🙂 When your camera setup weighs somewhere between 7 and 11 pounds, it tends to discourage you from bringing it places! We’ve had a ton going on the past few weeks, including some changes + big announcements we’re SO excited to share in the new year! We’ve also been traveling a bit, and trying to spend lots of time with family + friends as our incredibly busy season is just starting to wind down! Here’s a few fun instagram photos of our life as of late. 🙂 Some snaps are from our recent trip to Mexico, my trip to Ohio for a college-friends-reunion plus engagement shoot, some of our Christmas decor this year, and finally our new studio space, which is finally DONE! eek! We can start moving in as soon as the internet is hooked up! Are you on instagram? We’d love to follow along! You can find us at @laurenfair and @timbfair!

  • Anna JacksonDecember 12, 2012 - 10:00 pm


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