Paris travels: part one of our European tour!

We traveled to Paris, Barcelona and Rome this past April, and I’m excited to share some photos from our travels! We experienced Paris pretty much in the rain- we got one nice day when we explored Versailles, but otherwise it was a chilly springtime rain. I actually loved Paris the most out of every city, there is something so romantic and timeless about it!

View outside our room.

We climbed the Arc de Triumph and you can see the whole city…in the rain…

Big fan of breakfast croissants and cappucinos 🙂

The beautiful Louvre gardens.

Cathedral of Notre Dame.

Waking up to sunshine finally!

Our Paris hotel lobby.

A lovely cab ride out to Versailles.

Marie Antoinette’s summer palace, made entirely out of pink marble..

CRAZY storm about to roll in. 

Hah! I pulled a knee ligament pretty badly the first two days..whether it was the miles of walking in the rain, cobblestones, new shoes, or something else, my knee pretty much gave out halfway through Versailles and I ended up getting a tour in a wheelchair! haha.

Hall of beautiful. 

And a lovely dusk bride + groom session at the Eiffel Tower….

It was so magical and mesmerizing!

Awesome cafe across the street from our hotel.

I have to share some iPhone snaps too, since I didn’t carry my big camera everywhere 🙂

Hope you enjoyed these! Posts from Rome and Barcelona coming up next 🙂

  • Andrew brooksJuly 10, 2012 - 4:06 am

    Hey Lauren, your pictures are beautiful! Looks like y’all had a awesome time. The pictures bring back sooo many memories of Paris. I stayed just a block up the street from where you guys stayed. I loved walking around those streets at night. I even recognize the little cafe you ate breakfast at… Now I want to go back. Have you been to the united kingdom at all? I like it better than anywhere in Europe. Wales and England are gorgeous. The culture is so laid back and the people much friendlier than the French lolReplyCancel

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