Magda + Simon \\ Perkasie, Montgomery County Film Wedding Photographers

We knew Magda  + Simon’s wedding was going to be awesome pretty much from the first time we met them. These two are just best friends, with the same love of life, music and the people around them. From beginning to end their day was so much FUN to be a part of! Shout out to Simon’s band, The Rockets – they absolutely killed it at the reception! Here’s a little bit of what we saw on their wedding day in April 🙂


MagdaSimon015 MagdaSimon018 MagdaSimon024 MagdaSimon040 MagdaSimon044 MagdaSimon049 MagdaSimon068 MagdaSimon077 MagdaSimon079 MagdaSimon088 MagdaSimon094 MagdaSimon093 MagdaSimon089 MagdaSimon081 MagdaSimon099 MagdaSimon098 MagdaSimon104 MagdaSimon100 MagdaSimon107 MagdaSimon112 MagdaSimon116 MagdaSimon120 MagdaSimon123 MagdaSimon125 MagdaSimon127 MagdaSimon135 MagdaSimon154 MagdaSimon136 MagdaSimon141 MagdaSimon155 MagdaSimon165 MagdaSimon160 MagdaSimon172 MagdaSimon173 MagdaSimon183 MagdaSimon197 MagdaSimon193 MagdaSimon199 MagdaSimon241 MagdaSimon206 MagdaSimon216 MagdaSimon237 MagdaSimon250 MagdaSimon263 MagdaSimon273 MagdaSimon277 MagdaSimon283 MagdaSimon275 MagdaSimon287 MagdaSimon265 MagdaSimon278 MagdaSimon282 MagdaSimon291 MagdaSimon325 MagdaSimon366 MagdaSimon388 MagdaSimon391 MagdaSimon399 MagdaSimon425 MagdaSimon439 MagdaSimon444 MagdaSimon448 MagdaSimon451 MagdaSimon452 MagdaSimon460 MagdaSimon484 MagdaSimon488 MagdaSimon509 MagdaSimon529 MagdaSimon541 MagdaSimon534 MagdaSimon538 MagdaSimon549 MagdaSimon559 MagdaSimon556 MagdaSimon576 MagdaSimon589 MagdaSimon596 MagdaSimon607 MagdaSimon625 MagdaSimon652 MagdaSimon654 MagdaSimon639 MagdaSimon642 MagdaSimon644 MagdaSimon689 MagdaSimon691 MagdaSimon672 MagdaSimon634


  • Amanda MillerMay 1, 2014 - 8:09 pm

    Oh my word….not only is this wedding incredibly beautiful, but it looks like it was a total blast! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Very artisticReplyCancel

  • Anne-Claire BrunMay 2, 2014 - 4:27 am

    Beautiful wedding and some amazing shots 😉ReplyCancel

  • Katy MutchMay 2, 2014 - 10:22 am

    Wow! These are absolutely gorgeous. Looks like it was such a fun wedding to shoot, and I’m in love with the location for the portraits outside. Beautiful xReplyCancel

  • KathrynMay 7, 2014 - 7:28 pm

    Stunning. The black and whites are gorgeous. Love to see a barefoot bride. Also love the apples. Dead cute!ReplyCancel

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