Leah + Shayne \\ Stylish Barn Wedding in Central PA

Woland-Brescia200 Leah + Shayne held a laid-back barn wedding in Bloomsburg, PA filled with tons of dancing, a few tears, even more laughter, tons of natural beauty surrounding them, an absolutely stunning high-necked vintage wedding gown and a pink dinner jacket (YES to stylish grooms!).  Leah is a fashion blogger from DC, so it’s no surprise that her gown was completely and utterly stunning on her! Sarah photographed their wedding filled with so many sweet details + moments, and we’re so excited to share it with you today!  Woland-Brescia004 Woland-Brescia007 Woland-Brescia027 Woland-Brescia036 Woland-Brescia049 Woland-Brescia054 Woland-Brescia060 Woland-Brescia065 Woland-Brescia072 Woland-Brescia075 Woland-Brescia081 Woland-Brescia091 Woland-Brescia099 Woland-Brescia104 Woland-Brescia106 Woland-Brescia108 Woland-Brescia118 Woland-Brescia195 Woland-Brescia125 Woland-Brescia128 Woland-Brescia131 Woland-Brescia144 Woland-Brescia147 Woland-Brescia149 Woland-Brescia148 Woland-Brescia168 Woland-Brescia194 Woland-Brescia175 Woland-Brescia187 Woland-Brescia198 Woland-Brescia208 Woland-Brescia191 Woland-Brescia214 Woland-Brescia218 Woland-Brescia220 Woland-Brescia227 Woland-Brescia230 Woland-Brescia240 Woland-Brescia248 Woland-Brescia252 Woland-Brescia262 Woland-Brescia291 Woland-Brescia302 Woland-Brescia327 Woland-Brescia313 Woland-Brescia334 Woland-Brescia346 Woland-Brescia353 Woland-Brescia373 Woland-Brescia389 Woland-Brescia400 Woland-Brescia402 Woland-Brescia406 Woland-Brescia420 Woland-Brescia440 Woland-Brescia267 Woland-Brescia274 Woland-Brescia488 Woland-Brescia489 Woland-Brescia502 Woland-Brescia503 Woland-Brescia541 Woland-Brescia522 Woland-Brescia516 Woland-Brescia533 Woland-Brescia536 Woland-Brescia531 Woland-Brescia572 Woland-Brescia585 Woland-Brescia592 Woland-Brescia599 Woland-Brescia610 Woland-Brescia613 Woland-Brescia619 Woland-Brescia636 Woland-Brescia665 Woland-Brescia652

  • Michelle MartinoFebruary 17, 2015 - 4:37 pm

    Leah is one of my favorite friends loved everything about this dayReplyCancel

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