Kendall + Sebastien \\ Stylish Philadelphia Wedding Photography \\ Maggpie Vintage Rentals + Front & Palmer

Quigley-LeToux243 Kendall + Sebastien – where to even start with their wedding day?! We adored every part of working with these two! For starters, they’re incredibly kind, cool and talented folks! Sebastien happens to be a pro soccer player (from France!) playing for the Philadelphia Union currently, where he met the beautiful Kendall out one night with friends. Kendall is a stylist + pro home stager who’s also launching into the wedding styling + planning business, as well as is the genius behind the beautiful bouquets, florals + tablescapes you’ll see! We thoroughly enjoyed meeting all their family + friends from France and spending the day trotting around some cool nooks of Philadelphia in the freezing cold. With it being January, we spent a majority of the day indoors, thanks to some uber-cool urban areas. (Hi, beautiful Maggpie Vintage Rentals!) Their Front & Palmer ceremony + reception were perfect black-tie, candlelit elegance and Slippery Band absolutely killed it! Some of our absolute favorite moments were during the reception – the little touches + looks they gave each other throughout the night made their love so incredibly evident, and they really did light up the room. We adore these two and are so thankful to have had the chance to collaborate together on their beautiful wedding day. Lots of love, you two! xoxo Quigley-LeToux005 Quigley-LeToux019 Quigley-LeToux025 Quigley-LeToux032 Quigley-LeToux036 Quigley-LeToux047 Quigley-LeToux059 Quigley-LeToux083 Quigley-LeToux089 Quigley-LeToux090 Quigley-LeToux093 Quigley-LeToux100 Quigley-LeToux107 Quigley-LeToux114 Quigley-LeToux118 Quigley-LeToux124 Quigley-LeToux137 Quigley-LeToux157 Quigley-LeToux161 Quigley-LeToux172 Quigley-LeToux177 Quigley-LeToux178 Quigley-LeToux183 Quigley-LeToux188 Quigley-LeToux195 Quigley-LeToux212 Quigley-LeToux214 Quigley-LeToux218 Quigley-LeToux227 Quigley-LeToux228 Quigley-LeToux229 Quigley-LeToux233 Quigley-LeToux251 Quigley-LeToux264 Quigley-LeToux266 Quigley-LeToux267 Quigley-LeToux269 Quigley-LeToux270 Quigley-LeToux274 Quigley-LeToux272 Quigley-LeToux288 Quigley-LeToux292 Quigley-LeToux297 Quigley-LeToux300 Quigley-LeToux307 Quigley-LeToux315 Quigley-LeToux317 Quigley-LeToux318 Quigley-LeToux322 Quigley-LeToux326 Quigley-LeToux330 Quigley-LeToux332 Quigley-LeToux337 Quigley-LeToux341 Quigley-LeToux343 Quigley-LeToux355 Quigley-LeToux357 Quigley-LeToux381 Quigley-LeToux367 Quigley-LeToux400 Quigley-LeToux407 Quigley-LeToux420 Quigley-LeToux423 Quigley-LeToux428 Quigley-LeToux444 Quigley-LeToux449 Quigley-LeToux452 Quigley-LeToux461 Quigley-LeToux465 Quigley-LeToux502 Quigley-LeToux494 Quigley-LeToux498 Quigley-LeToux510 Quigley-LeToux509 Quigley-LeToux500 Quigley-LeToux513 Quigley-LeToux515 Quigley-LeToux516 Quigley-LeToux519 Quigley-LeToux525 Quigley-LeToux526 Quigley-LeToux531 Quigley-LeToux541 Quigley-LeToux538 Quigley-LeToux550 Quigley-LeToux569 Quigley-LeToux574 Quigley-LeToux577 Quigley-LeToux580 Quigley-LeToux595 Quigley-LeToux570 Quigley-LeToux615 Quigley-LeToux630 Quigley-LeToux631 Quigley-LeToux625 Quigley-LeToux633 Quigley-LeToux635 Quigley-LeToux650 Quigley-LeToux637 Quigley-LeToux651 Quigley-LeToux666 Quigley-LeToux664 Quigley-LeToux669 Quigley-LeToux671 Quigley-LeToux685 Quigley-LeToux688 Quigley-LeToux697 Quigley-LeToux708 Quigley-LeToux705 Quigley-LeToux709 Quigley-LeToux712 Quigley-LeToux713 Quigley-LeToux714 Quigley-LeToux732 Quigley-LeToux738 Quigley-LeToux743 Quigley-LeToux757 Quigley-LeToux760 Quigley-LeToux774 Quigley-LeToux779 Quigley-LeToux780 Quigley-LeToux782 Quigley-LeToux797 Quigley-LeToux800 Quigley-LeToux801 Quigley-LeToux806 Quigley-LeToux807 Quigley-LeToux808 Quigley-LeToux814 Quigley-LeToux817 Quigley-LeToux821 Quigley-LeToux824 Quigley-LeToux829 Quigley-LeToux832 Quigley-LeToux833 Quigley-LeToux837 Quigley-LeToux843 Quigley-LeToux847 Quigley-LeToux848 Quigley-LeToux850 Quigley-LeToux857 Quigley-LeToux874 Quigley-LeToux879 Quigley-LeToux894 Quigley-LeToux899 Quigley-LeToux851 Quigley-LeToux904 Quigley-LeToux915 Quigley-LeToux911 Quigley-LeToux925

  • canvas printingFebruary 20, 2015 - 1:55 pm

    wow these pictures are beautiful every thing is so stylish and elegant i couldn’t take my eyes off the decoration and the dresses so stylish love it 🙂ReplyCancel

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  • KrisMay 1, 2015 - 1:39 am

    Hi! I am newly engaged and have fallen in love with this venue! Your wedding looks like it was amazing! If you don’t mind me asking – could you give me a ballpark figure of how much this venue cost?


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  • samanthaJune 26, 2015 - 4:08 pm

    ah! i am in LOVE with the wooden “you are the best thing” cut out. any idea where she had them made or what size they are? would love to have something similar made (but different words!)ReplyCancel

  • genesis ortizNovember 13, 2015 - 2:30 pm

    Hi my name is genesis.i follow you on instagram and i just love your photography. I am planning to get married in 2017 and would like to know your price range for wedding photos and if you’re available and have open spots for 2017. Please get back to me.thank you.ReplyCancel

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