Jess + Adam \\ The Paradisus at Palma Real, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Destination Wedding Photographers


We’re so so excited to share these wedding images today! Last month Tim and I traveled down to the beautiful Paradisus Palma Real in Punta Cana for Jessica + Adam’s wedding in paradise. We had actually never met them before arriving to the resort (what!) but quickly saw why they had a big crowd of loved ones fly from all over the world to be a part of their celebration. These two are magnetic, SO unbelievably kind and welcoming, genuine and really funny. We loved getting to know them and spend time just relaxing on the beach, hanging out, getting to know their wonderful group of framily, and talking about life…by the time we left, we had plans (semi-serious) for them to move into our barn. Haha! Offer still stands, guys 🙂 They had a gorgeous garden ceremony with overcast skies and we were praying for just a little bit of golden light or a sunset to peek out…and it did, just in time during their portraits! An open-air reception lit by market lights off the beach followed by a crazy dance party was the perfect ending to the day. So beautiful. Enough talking and on to the photos! Jess + Adam, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us with your memories and bringing us down to the Caribbean. Dates in Brooklyn soon, please! IsemanWaite031 IsemanWaite027 IsemanWaite115 IsemanWaite034 IsemanWaite098 IsemanWaite081 IsemanWaite077

Sweetest moment ever…Adam had a bouquet of yellow roses delivered to Jess’s getting ready room as a message of love from her late mother. IsemanWaite064 IsemanWaite109 IsemanWaite106 IsemanWaite113 IsemanWaite103 IsemanWaite130 IsemanWaite126 IsemanWaite069 IsemanWaite072 IsemanWaite129 IsemanWaite135 IsemanWaite145 IsemanWaite080 IsemanWaite108 IsemanWaite156 IsemanWaite158 IsemanWaite160 IsemanWaite206 IsemanWaite169 IsemanWaite171 IsemanWaite173 IsemanWaite195 IsemanWaite199 IsemanWaite208 IsemanWaite084 IsemanWaite092 IsemanWaite229 IsemanWaite235 IsemanWaite244 IsemanWaite250 IsemanWaite253 IsemanWaite249 IsemanWaite265 IsemanWaite269 IsemanWaite275 IsemanWaite289 IsemanWaite284 IsemanWaite293 IsemanWaite301 IsemanWaite310 IsemanWaite313 IsemanWaite317 IsemanWaite323 IsemanWaite326 IsemanWaite340 IsemanWaite354 IsemanWaite030 IsemanWaite368 IsemanWaite373 IsemanWaite378 IsemanWaite380 IsemanWaite399 IsemanWaite394 IsemanWaite392 IsemanWaite383

We ran out of the garden to THIS sunset happening! IsemanWaite402 IsemanWaite409 IsemanWaite416 IsemanWaite419 IsemanWaite430 IsemanWaite433 IsemanWaite441 IsemanWaite437 IsemanWaite445 IsemanWaite452 IsemanWaite458 IsemanWaite462 IsemanWaite474 IsemanWaite484 IsemanWaite485 IsemanWaite488 IsemanWaite495 IsemanWaite502 IsemanWaite493 IsemanWaite506


  • TiffaniJune 18, 2014 - 10:10 pm

    Love the brides green floral robe! Where is it from? Beautiful photos in a beautiful location!ReplyCancel

    • laurenfairphotoJune 19, 2014 - 3:57 pm

      I’m not positive where her exact one is from, but I know Pretty Plum Sugar has similar robes!ReplyCancel

  • Leticia GuerraJune 19, 2014 - 1:22 am


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