Jen + Matt \\ Private Farm Fiesta Wedding \\ New Hope, PA wedding photographers

Jen Matt Lauren Fair Photography fiesta wedding I feel like I’m  a broken record sometimes with how much I say how much we LOVE our couples….but we just need to dish about how amazing Jen + Matt really are! From the very first email last year through our engagement shoot, boudoir and throughout the wedding day, they could not have been more joy-filled, sweet, encouraging, and overall some of the most positive and wonderful human beings we’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. They have this way of bringing joy and light to every conversation + interaction, and you just find yourself smiling around them because of it. They have a long and rich love story that was celebrated to the fullest on a rainy day in September, at Matt’s parent’s farm. This gorgeous property was the perfect setting!  (and they’ll be opening up Airy Knoll for private events and weddings soon, if you love what you see!).  Tim and I had been looking forward to their wedding for such a long time – there were lots of excited texts exchanged between the rockstar wedding team Jen + Matt put together – Sarah Park Events, Oleander Florals + Design, and Willow Tree Films! We arrived to the getting ready inn to a torrential downpour of rain, but Jen was just as happy + calm as could be, and just so excited to go see her man. Enough talking and on to the photos of Jen + Matt’s Spanish Fiesta wedding! Barrera-Guthrie001 Barrera-Guthrie004 Barrera-Guthrie003 Barrera-Guthrie007 Barrera-Guthrie018 Barrera-Guthrie029 Barrera-Guthrie032 Barrera-Guthrie036 Barrera-Guthrie047 Barrera-Guthrie039 Barrera-Guthrie056 Barrera-Guthrie066 Barrera-Guthrie077 Barrera-Guthrie079 Barrera-Guthrie080 Barrera-Guthrie084 Barrera-Guthrie094 Barrera-Guthrie098 Barrera-Guthrie102 Barrera-Guthrie115 Barrera-Guthrie122 Barrera-Guthrie139 Barrera-Guthrie141 Barrera-Guthrie143 Barrera-Guthrie151 Barrera-Guthrie160 Barrera-Guthrie202 Barrera-Guthrie212 Barrera-Guthrie213 Barrera-Guthrie215 Barrera-Guthrie226 Barrera-Guthrie229 Barrera-Guthrie231 Barrera-Guthrie233 Barrera-Guthrie242 Barrera-Guthrie241 Barrera-Guthrie244 Barrera-Guthrie246 Barrera-Guthrie259 Barrera-Guthrie252 Barrera-Guthrie261 Barrera-Guthrie260 Barrera-Guthrie270 Barrera-Guthrie273 Barrera-Guthrie275 Barrera-Guthrie332 Barrera-Guthrie335 Barrera-Guthrie341 Barrera-Guthrie378 Barrera-Guthrie389 Barrera-Guthrie391 Barrera-Guthrie392 Barrera-Guthrie394 Barrera-Guthrie400 Barrera-Guthrie409 Barrera-Guthrie410 Barrera-Guthrie416 Barrera-Guthrie428 Barrera-Guthrie433 Barrera-Guthrie438 Barrera-Guthrie447 Barrera-Guthrie450 Barrera-Guthrie455 Barrera-Guthrie456 Barrera-Guthrie463 Barrera-Guthrie472 Barrera-Guthrie473 Barrera-Guthrie478 Barrera-Guthrie481 Barrera-Guthrie492 Barrera-Guthrie499 Barrera-Guthrie501 Barrera-Guthrie507 Barrera-Guthrie527 Barrera-Guthrie529 Barrera-Guthrie535 Barrera-Guthrie537 Barrera-Guthrie540 Barrera-Guthrie543 Barrera-Guthrie561 Barrera-Guthrie577 Barrera-Guthrie580 Barrera-Guthrie582 Barrera-Guthrie590 Barrera-Guthrie595 Barrera-Guthrie598 Barrera-Guthrie605 Barrera-Guthrie607 Barrera-Guthrie617 Barrera-Guthrie624 Barrera-Guthrie640 Barrera-Guthrie651 Barrera-Guthrie656 Barrera-Guthrie660 Barrera-Guthrie664 Barrera-Guthrie665 Barrera-Guthrie667 Barrera-Guthrie672 Barrera-Guthrie677 Barrera-Guthrie684 Barrera-Guthrie696 Barrera-Guthrie698 Barrera-Guthrie669 Barrera-Guthrie728 Barrera-Guthrie741 Barrera-Guthrie754 Barrera-Guthrie761 Barrera-Guthrie767 Barrera-Guthrie803 Barrera-Guthrie795 Barrera-Guthrie805 Barrera-Guthrie808 Barrera-Guthrie821 Barrera-Guthrie826 Barrera-Guthrie835 Barrera-Guthrie845 Barrera-Guthrie847 Barrera-Guthrie861 Barrera-Guthrie870 Barrera-Guthrie884 Barrera-Guthrie899 Barrera-Guthrie931 Barrera-Guthrie937 Barrera-Guthrie949 Barrera-Guthrie991 Barrera-Guthrie1006 Barrera-Guthrie1021 Barrera-Guthrie1026 Barrera-Guthrie1029 Barrera-Guthrie1043 Barrera-Guthrie1041 Barrera-Guthrie1049 Barrera-Guthrie1050 Barrera-Guthrie1053


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    Do we know who makes the brides stunning gown?? So beautiful!ReplyCancel

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