Greg + Olivia \\ Rodale Institute Barn wedding

GregOliviaFisherwedding Rodale

Ohmygoodness. What to even say about this wedding? You may recognize Greg + Olivia from working with them, seeing our posts on instagram, seeing their adventurous engagement shoot, or following along their gorgeous videos over at Willow Tree Films…but they are also two of our best friends. I worked my very first job with Olivia at age 14 scooping ice cream at Merrymead Farm, and when we met Greg we became fast friends quickly…not to mention, we actually introduced them to each other! Needless to say, we were SO EXCITED for their wedding day to get here! It was crazy and wonderful (there was a freak rainstorm for about 20 minutes during the ceremony!)but they had smiles on their faces through it all. Tim was a groomsman in the wedding as well, so Sarah + I tag teamed the day! Lauren from Belovely crafted amazing florals + design pieces and Julie from Sandpiper & Co rocked out the cute signs you’ll see. Ok, enough talking and on to the photos of a beautiful Saturday in May… Fisher0008 Fisher0002 Fisher0012 Fisher0018 Fisher0007 Fisher0022 Fisher0030 Fisher0038 Fisher0036 Fisher0042 Fisher0052 Fisher0045 Fisher0049 Fisher0051 Fisher0047 Fisher0067 Fisher0068 Fisher0070 Fisher0060 Fisher0076 Fisher0086 Fisher0092 Fisher0094 Fisher0096 Fisher0098 Fisher0196 Fisher0106 Fisher0090 Fisher0102 Fisher0111 Fisher0116 Fisher0124 Fisher0125 Fisher0137 Fisher0136 Fisher0141 Fisher0144 Fisher0146 Fisher0149 Fisher0159 Fisher0160 Fisher0165 Fisher0167 Fisher0172 Fisher0127 Fisher0174 Fisher0175 Fisher0176 Fisher0179 Fisher0185 Fisher0186 Fisher0188 Fisher0190 Fisher0194 Fisher0202 Fisher0206 Fisher0204 Fisher0211 Fisher0214 Fisher0216 Fisher0218 Fisher0220 Fisher0219 Fisher0224 Fisher0235 Fisher0232 Fisher0236 Fisher0234 Fisher0237 Fisher0240 Fisher0242 Fisher0244 Fisher0246 Fisher0249 Fisher0250 Fisher0255 Fisher0262 Fisher0266 Fisher0284 Fisher0259 Fisher0273 Fisher0280 Fisher0278 Fisher0281 Fisher0287 Fisher0289 Fisher0293 Fisher0295 Fisher0302 Fisher0304 Fisher0337 Fisher0323 Fisher0318 Fisher0310 Fisher0309 Fisher0326 Fisher0327 Fisher0331 Fisher0336 Fisher0339 Fisher0342 Fisher0344 Fisher0350 Fisher0346 Fisher0348 Fisher0391 Fisher0386 Fisher0387 Fisher0369 Fisher0364 Fisher0396 Fisher0395 Fisher0404 Fisher0406 Fisher0411 Fisher0414 Fisher0419 Fisher0421 Fisher0423 Fisher0425 Fisher0454 Fisher0424 Fisher0429 Fisher0426 Fisher0431 Fisher0439 Fisher0447 Fisher0442 Fisher0451 Fisher0455 Fisher0460 Fisher0458 Fisher0464 Fisher0479 Fisher0470 Fisher0474 Fisher0471 Fisher0484 Fisher0481 Fisher0487 Fisher0502 Fisher0503 Fisher0506 Fisher0523 Fisher0527 Fisher0528 Fisher0542 Fisher0544 Fisher0545 Fisher0549 Fisher0547 Fisher0551 Fisher0560 Fisher0565 Fisher0571 Fisher0574 Fisher0577 Fisher0578 Fisher0581 Fisher0583 Fisher0588 Fisher0596 Fisher0605 Fisher0599 Fisher0604 Fisher0608 Fisher0610 Fisher0611 Fisher0612 Fisher0617 Fisher0618 Fisher0622 Fisher0625 Fisher0628 Fisher0632 Fisher0635 Fisher0637 Fisher0638 Fisher0639 Fisher0640 Fisher0641 Fisher0644 Fisher0652 Fisher0651 Fisher0664 Fisher0665 Fisher0660 Fisher0672 Fisher0676 Fisher0674 Fisher0679 Fisher0683 Fisher0693 Fisher0694 Fisher0759 Fisher0753 Fisher0750 Fisher0752 Fisher0766 Fisher0771 Fisher0722 Fisher0730 Fisher0729 Fisher0734 Fisher0739 Fisher0740 Fisher0736 Fisher0743 Fisher0756 Fisher0779 Fisher0783 Fisher0785 Fisher0804 Fisher0807 Fisher0810 Fisher0814 Fisher0815 Fisher0824 Fisher0831 Fisher0834 Fisher0826 Fisher0835 Fisher0844 Fisher0842 Fisher0854 Fisher0860 Fisher0872 Fisher0878 Fisher0882 Fisher0883 Fisher0889 Fisher0893 Fisher0897 Fisher0909 Fisher0916 Fisher0919 Fisher0920 Fisher0925 Fisher0926 Fisher0937 Fisher0929 Fisher0934 Fisher0945 Fisher0951 Fisher0953 Fisher0947 Fisher0956 Fisher0957 Fisher0961 Fisher0964 Fisher0978 Fisher0979 Fisher1003 Fisher0993 Fisher1005 Fisher1009 Fisher1011 Fisher1020 Fisher1015 Fisher1023 Fisher1026 Fisher1029 Fisher1033 Fisher1037 Fisher1043 Fisher1047 Fisher1050 Fisher1054 Fisher1058 Fisher1060 Love these people so much! Fisher1061 Fisher1063 Fisher1067 Fisher1077 Fisher1082 Fisher1083 Fisher1088

  • Alison AlberallaJune 4, 2014 - 4:47 pm

    i think i adore the rainy pictures the most!! but all are stunning <3ReplyCancel

  • Pennie LimmingJune 4, 2014 - 8:33 pm

    The bride looks like Princess Eugenie (daughter of the Duke of York)ReplyCancel

  • Laura Kratz HageyJune 5, 2014 - 12:18 am

    It was so much fun to re live that day,,,they are truly an amazing couple., who truly love each other….ReplyCancel

  • Toni Arie O'ConnellJune 5, 2014 - 2:41 am

    Beautiful Picture glad your special day was perfect for u all!!!

  • Michelle StaffordJune 7, 2014 - 5:33 pm

    Beautiful photos! Looks like a perfect day. Congratulations Greg and Olivia!!ReplyCancel

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  • canvas printsFebruary 18, 2015 - 3:33 pm

    GREG + OLIVIA had the best day ever, there photos are so good, it like your there all over again. such amazing day and beautiful pics.ReplyCancel

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