FAQ Post: Does the Light Matter?

Now that we’ve begun the journey into winter again (boo!!!), it sadly means less light for us photographers to shoot in! On the bright side, the November sunsets this year have been ah-MAZING. With the lack of light in the afternoons + plenty of winter weddings, the point of conversation always comes up while talking over timelines with our couples. Simply put, we need great light to shoot the absolute best we can. We’re natural-light photographers, which means you rarely will see us using flash unless absolutely necessary! This leads us to another FAQ post on the quality of light on your wedding day and how to take advantage of it and control it to help us create the best photos we can for you!


1. Get ready in a location with tons of natural light + big windows. This normally means a beautiful hotel room or a friend or family member’s home if your venue doesn’t have a pretty bridal suite! We did a blog post on where to get ready that you can view here!  We normally shoot some glamour shots of the bride during this time and it’s a big help when there’s a light-filled location to work with.



2. Add to and control the lighting at your ceremony space + reception! If you’re not getting married outdoors (with natural light), indoors can still look beautiful! A couple strands of market lights, a light wash of uplighting, and tons of candles are a few ways to add a gorgeous ambience to the way your ceremony will appear in photos.


These two photos above are a perfect example of reception lighting — there was enough of a glow that we were able to still shoot handheld with film cameras when it was dark out!


3. Schedule your day in a way that ensures we will have time before dark for your portraits + bridal party photos! This is pretty easy in the spring and summer months, when it doesn’t matter as much if you do a first look or not! In the late autumn to winter months, it’s almost a necessity to do a first look + shoot your photos pre-ceremony since it’s most likely going to be dark afterwards! We have lots of couples who talk about that golden sunset glow we love to shoot in….that simply can’t be created with any other light source than the beautiful setting sun! We absolutely need to be able to shoot with light (or a beautiful well lit indoor location) to be able to capture the bridal party photos + the fun portraits of the two of you.





4. Make sure the lighting at your reception is flattering lighting! It’s much easier for us to control lighting at receptions, but there is nothing more amazing than a reception that already looks incredible without the help of our external light sources! Avoid “pin spot” lighting that drops light only on your centerpieces, for example – that creates either a dot of light in the middle of darkness or blows out the look of the middle of the table if we expose for the rest of the room’s ambient light.



SO basically, yes – the light matters! 🙂 What do you think? Will you be incorporating any of these tips into your fall or winter wedding?



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