Emily + Matt \\ Nautical Glam Wedding at URBN

Oh my goodness, are we excited to share Emily + Matt’s wedding images with you (finally!!). The mega exciting news from their wedding is that they were published in the current issue of BRIDES magazine, on newsstands nation-wide now! We had to keep their images under wraps for almost an entire year, but it was so exciting getting BRIDES magazine in the mail last week with their beautiful wedding feature in print! Now, on to telling their story in photo.. 🙂

Emily + Matt have a truly special story. They’ve overcome so many obstacles and challenges + have come out stronger because of it. After Matt nearly died from a severe accident and had every bone in his face broken, Emily stayed by his side through all the surgeries + long weeks + months of recovery. The speeches at their reception were so touching as they honored the strength + depth of love these two have for each other. They planned a nautical glam wedding at Anthropologie/Free People/Urban Outfitter’s headquarters in the Navy Yard and with the help of the talented Oleander Florals + Design, their vision came to life beautifully. One of our favorite parts was their first look in front of the giant old battleships at the docks! It was a beautiful celebration of life, love and all this couple has overcome together (You can see their story on the Katie Couric show if you want to hear their story – it’s amazing).  Emily Matt Navy Yard Nautical Anthropologie wedding

Miller001 Miller003 Miller015 Miller016 Miller018 Miller025 Miller029 Miller031 Miller037 Miller046 Miller047 Miller052 Miller057 Miller071 Miller074 Miller075 Miller081 Miller092 Miller085 Miller097 Miller100 Miller102 Miller103 Miller112 Miller120 Miller123 Miller121 Miller125 Miller133 Miller134 Miller109 Miller140 Miller141 Miller145 Miller147 Miller148 Miller154 Miller155 Miller162 Miller163 Miller164 Miller167 Miller170 Miller171 Miller175 Miller178 Miller183 Miller185 Miller187 Miller190 Miller191 Miller194 Miller206 Miller201 Miller205 Miller216 Miller221 Miller219 Miller222 Miller228 Miller251 Miller247 Miller255 Miller260 Miller258 Miller269 Miller271 Miller275 Miller277 Miller293 Miller307 Miller311 Miller317 Miller328 Miller330 Miller333 Miller336 Miller342 Miller346 Miller347 Miller349 Miller351 Miller355 Miller356 Miller369 Miller373 Miller378 Miller380 Miller397 Miller402 Miller401 Miller415 Miller421 Miller436 Miller427 Miller446 Miller449 Miller461 Miller478 Miller485 Miller493 Miller468 Miller501 Miller517 Miller521 Miller538 Miller565 Miller579 Miller387 Miller590 Miller586 Miller593 Miller599 Miller607 Miller612 Miller616 Miller618 Miller647 Miller668 Miller673 Miller678 Miller696 Miller701 Miller704 Miller706 Miller708 Miller714 Miller711 Miller715 Miller723 Miller725 Miller728 Miller726 Miller767 Miller770 Miller787 Miller797 Miller776 Miller800 Miller860 Miller806 Miller835 Miller840 Miller842 Miller858 Miller863 You can catch more from Emily + Matt’s wedding in BRIDES magazine, out everywhere now!  Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 2.18.34 PM


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