Brianna + Justin \\ Beech Springs Farm Wedding Photography

Brianna Justin Lancaster Harrisburg Wedding photography We’re so excited to share Brianna + Justin’s wedding day with you! They were married on a perfectly blustery autumn day – one of those windy, cozy October days with just a tiny sprinkle of rain that just feels like the peak of fall. Not only was Brianna stunning in her vintage inspired gown, the florals + styling to die for, and the property gorgeous, the main thing that was evident to us was how seriously they take their love + faith. Before their super-sweet first look, even though Justin was dying to open his eyes and see his bride, they took a moment to pray together and ask God’s blessing over their wedding day + marriage. And once his eyes opened, the way Justin looked at Brianna was the sweetest thing to see. It was a beautiful celebration full of the most meaningful of moments + we were honored to have captured it! Photographed by Sarah <3 Wilbur-Stevenson014 Wilbur-Stevenson023 Wilbur-Stevenson017 Wilbur-Stevenson015 Wilbur-Stevenson041 Wilbur-Stevenson016 Wilbur-Stevenson018 Wilbur-Stevenson032 Wilbur-Stevenson044 Wilbur-Stevenson045 Wilbur-Stevenson059 Wilbur-Stevenson054 Wilbur-Stevenson062 Wilbur-Stevenson064 Wilbur-Stevenson069 Wilbur-Stevenson066 Wilbur-Stevenson075 Wilbur-Stevenson076 Wilbur-Stevenson080 Wilbur-Stevenson081 Wilbur-Stevenson091 Wilbur-Stevenson096 Wilbur-Stevenson097 Wilbur-Stevenson098 Wilbur-Stevenson112 Wilbur-Stevenson115 Wilbur-Stevenson116 Wilbur-Stevenson119 Wilbur-Stevenson125 Wilbur-Stevenson132 Wilbur-Stevenson134 Wilbur-Stevenson140 Wilbur-Stevenson142 Wilbur-Stevenson151 Wilbur-Stevenson154 Wilbur-Stevenson155 Wilbur-Stevenson157 Wilbur-Stevenson162 Wilbur-Stevenson164 Wilbur-Stevenson167 Wilbur-Stevenson168 Wilbur-Stevenson170 Wilbur-Stevenson172 Wilbur-Stevenson180 Wilbur-Stevenson189 Wilbur-Stevenson190 Wilbur-Stevenson191 Wilbur-Stevenson199 Wilbur-Stevenson206 Wilbur-Stevenson207 Wilbur-Stevenson209 Wilbur-Stevenson215 Wilbur-Stevenson217 Wilbur-Stevenson227 Wilbur-Stevenson229 Wilbur-Stevenson233 Wilbur-Stevenson245 Wilbur-Stevenson251 Wilbur-Stevenson255 Wilbur-Stevenson260 Wilbur-Stevenson262 Wilbur-Stevenson270 Wilbur-Stevenson271 Wilbur-Stevenson274 Wilbur-Stevenson280 Wilbur-Stevenson285 Wilbur-Stevenson289 Wilbur-Stevenson296 Wilbur-Stevenson303 Wilbur-Stevenson304 Wilbur-Stevenson319 Wilbur-Stevenson322 Wilbur-Stevenson329 Wilbur-Stevenson349 Wilbur-Stevenson350 Wilbur-Stevenson352 Wilbur-Stevenson358 Wilbur-Stevenson359 Wilbur-Stevenson363 Wilbur-Stevenson366 Wilbur-Stevenson371 Wilbur-Stevenson393 Wilbur-Stevenson396 Wilbur-Stevenson399 Wilbur-Stevenson403 Wilbur-Stevenson424 Wilbur-Stevenson428 Wilbur-Stevenson449 Wilbur-Stevenson453 Wilbur-Stevenson454 Wilbur-Stevenson457 Wilbur-Stevenson469 Wilbur-Stevenson475 Wilbur-Stevenson476 Wilbur-Stevenson480 Wilbur-Stevenson487 Wilbur-Stevenson494 Wilbur-Stevenson519 Wilbur-Stevenson542 Wilbur-Stevenson342 Wilbur-Stevenson547 Wilbur-Stevenson549 Wilbur-Stevenson552 Wilbur-Stevenson553 Wilbur-Stevenson332 Wilbur-Stevenson557 Wilbur-Stevenson561 Wilbur-Stevenson563 Wilbur-Stevenson569 Wilbur-Stevenson572 Wilbur-Stevenson575 Wilbur-Stevenson585 Wilbur-Stevenson591 Wilbur-Stevenson594 Wilbur-Stevenson596 Wilbur-Stevenson597 Wilbur-Stevenson600 Wilbur-Stevenson607 Wilbur-Stevenson610 Wilbur-Stevenson626 Wilbur-Stevenson629 Wilbur-Stevenson633 Wilbur-Stevenson635 Wilbur-Stevenson643 Wilbur-Stevenson647 Wilbur-Stevenson660 Wilbur-Stevenson662 Wilbur-Stevenson674 Wilbur-Stevenson675 Wilbur-Stevenson681 Wilbur-Stevenson682 Wilbur-Stevenson685 Wilbur-Stevenson686 Wilbur-Stevenson688 Wilbur-Stevenson693 Wilbur-Stevenson696 Wilbur-Stevenson700 Wilbur-Stevenson711 Wilbur-Stevenson723 Wilbur-Stevenson724 Wilbur-Stevenson740 Wilbur-Stevenson753 Wilbur-Stevenson747 Wilbur-Stevenson744 Wilbur-Stevenson761 Wilbur-Stevenson763 Wilbur-Stevenson779 Wilbur-Stevenson782 Wilbur-Stevenson793 Wilbur-Stevenson840 Wilbur-Stevenson846 Wilbur-Stevenson870 Wilbur-Stevenson872 Wilbur-Stevenson876 Wilbur-Stevenson888 Wilbur-Stevenson907 Wilbur-Stevenson919 Wilbur-Stevenson901

  • Wildflowers by DesignDecember 10, 2014 - 7:10 pm

    Beautiful!!!! You guys are oh so talented 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Kim Anderson-SipeDecember 10, 2014 - 8:49 pm

    Loved, loved this!!!ReplyCancel

  • Karen Gump HartmanDecember 11, 2014 - 11:52 pm

    Absolutely beautiful! The pictures tell the story of one great love!ReplyCancel

  • Debbie StevensonDecember 13, 2014 - 2:51 am

    What a beautiful collection of wonderful memories. You captured the genuine love between Justin and Bri and a whole range of emotions going on that day. Loved looking at these pics!ReplyCancel

  • MeganMarch 15, 2015 - 2:56 am

    your work is breathtaking!!! Where did the lovely couple get ready at? We’re getting married at beech springs also and would love a spot like that to get ready
    Thank you!ReplyCancel

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