Brandon + Gillian \\ Glen Mills, PA Wedding \\ Romantic Greenhouse Wedding

We first met Brandon + Gillian two summers ago – they were part of Tim’s cousin’s wedding at the beach and being my normal (creepy) self, I noticed how adorable they were as a couple and asked them to model for us sometime! Not only did they model for us at a gorgeous shoot at Terrain, Brandon proposed to Gillian in front of our cameras! It was SO cool to be a part of such a big life moment like that. We took it down a notch for their lifestyle engagement session , which was incredibly fun + natural. Needless to say, these two are complete pros in front of the camera and we were so excited for their wedding day to roll around! Especially since we knew we’d be working with the ever so talented Oleander Florals + Design, who transformed the greenhouse into a lush, romantic backdrop for their vows. I especially loved the mismatched Anthropologie bridesmaid dresses, Gillian’s stunning beaded gown + Brandon’s reaction to her walking down the aisle, but there were so many amazing moments from the day! Here’s a little peek into Brandon + Gillian’s wedding day – it was incredible. Brandon Gillian Wedding Photos Lauren Fair Photography Glen Mills PA

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