Andrea + Peter \\ Cairnwood Estate Romantic Summer Wedding Photography

Derr-Anthony001 I am SO excited to share Andrea + Peter’s stunningly beautiful day with you today! These two have the sweetest love story and their day looked like a complete fairy tale – so fitting! Cairnwood has got to be one of the prettiest venues in the area, and it has a special place in my heart since Cairnwood was where I shot my very first wedding ever 🙂 We’ve gotten to know Andrea over the past year and there could not be a sweeter, more encouraging, kind-hearted woman to marry the wonderful Peter.  This wedding was such a labor of love with all our favorite wedding pros with Becka shooting – Belovely was responsible for the gorgeous florals, signs and decor, and wait til you see the beautiful lounge pieces from Maggpie Vintage Rentals! Andrea + Peter, thank you so much for choosing us to document your love story! xoxo Derr-Anthony008 Derr-Anthony096 Derr-Anthony012 Derr-Anthony066 Derr-Anthony019 Derr-Anthony021 Derr-Anthony044 Derr-Anthony042 Derr-Anthony074 Derr-Anthony049 Derr-Anthony061 Derr-Anthony007 Derr-Anthony006 Derr-Anthony047 Derr-Anthony090 Derr-Anthony095 Derr-Anthony098 Derr-Anthony015 Derr-Anthony113 Derr-Anthony116 Derr-Anthony112 Derr-Anthony118 Derr-Anthony119 Derr-Anthony121 Derr-Anthony143 Derr-Anthony140 Derr-Anthony144 Derr-Anthony146 Derr-Anthony155 Derr-Anthony166 Derr-Anthony167 Derr-Anthony192 Derr-Anthony195 Derr-Anthony203 Derr-Anthony201 Derr-Anthony237 Derr-Anthony210 Derr-Anthony215 Derr-Anthony213 Derr-Anthony228 Derr-Anthony214 Derr-Anthony241 Derr-Anthony247 Derr-Anthony248 Derr-Anthony262 Derr-Anthony271 Derr-Anthony292 Derr-Anthony275 Derr-Anthony330 Derr-Anthony295 Derr-Anthony315 Derr-Anthony298 Derr-Anthony318 Derr-Anthony310 Derr-Anthony319 Derr-Anthony327 Derr-Anthony356 Derr-Anthony345 Derr-Anthony389 Derr-Anthony392 Derr-Anthony418 Derr-Anthony404 Derr-Anthony445 Derr-Anthony447 Derr-Anthony578 Derr-Anthony471 Derr-Anthony474 Derr-Anthony476 Derr-Anthony487 Derr-Anthony492 Derr-Anthony524 Derr-Anthony552 Derr-Anthony493 Derr-Anthony562 Derr-Anthony568 Derr-Anthony569 Derr-Anthony424 Derr-Anthony431 Derr-Anthony438 Derr-Anthony611 Derr-Anthony430 Derr-Anthony602 Derr-Anthony613 Derr-Anthony645 Derr-Anthony653 Derr-Anthony661 Derr-Anthony658 Derr-Anthony668 Derr-Anthony684 Derr-Anthony700 Derr-Anthony710 Derr-Anthony724 Derr-Anthony730 Derr-Anthony731 Derr-Anthony756 Derr-Anthony759 Derr-Anthony765 Derr-Anthony767 Derr-Anthony769

  • Susan Scheno AnthonyOctober 16, 2014 - 9:36 pm

    Love them!!!!!!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Marty WardeckerOctober 16, 2014 - 10:46 pm

    Absolutely beautiful!!! Stunning!!ReplyCancel

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